Get Hooked on a New Science Fiction Book

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Read about alternate worlds, aliens and spaceships, and science-fiction inventions! You’ll get all that and more in the new 2019 science fiction chapter books I’m sharing with you today.

Get Hooked on a New Science Fiction Chapter Book

Greystone Secrets: The Strangers
by Margaret Peterson Haddix
Exciting from the first page to the last! Why would the Greystone kids’ loving, wonderful mom leave the three of them alone just after hearing the news about a bizarre kidnapping involving a family with their EXACT same names and birthdays? And why is there a secret room in their basement that leads to another house IN A DIFFERENT WORLD? The kids, along with their new friend, Natalie, embark on a dangerous adventure to find their missing mom which takes them to an alternate world where they’ll save the kidnapped children and find their mom.



7th Grade vs the Galaxy
by Joshua S. Levy
What a wild ride! Literally. Because PSS 118 is a spaceship school. When the school/ship is attacked, Jack gets instructions from his former-teacher dad on how to escape. But Jack accidentally sends the ship into another solar system resulting in their capture by aliens. Aliens they didn’t know existed! Apparently, Jack’s dad invented the human’s first light-speed engine and neglected to tell anyone that he’d installed it on their school spaceship. If you like stories with aliens, friendship drama, awesome kid heroes, and plenty of action, you’ll love this book. Plus, it has an ending that will knock your socks off.

The Falcon’s Feather (Explorer Academy #2) by Trudi Trueit
Book two is as impressive as the first book, The Nebula Secret. It’s a well-written, compelling adventure/mystery story filled with everything you’d want in a book: interesting characters, cool science, even cooler science fiction, a puzzling mystery, and an exciting adventure. Plus, it has full-color illustrations, too — which is quite rare in middle-grade chapter books. In this story, Cruz is on a ship to fulfill his secret mission of finding his mother’s hidden project which she scattered in parts around the globe. Cruz and his team believe their first stop should be the Seed Vault in Norway. But someone is trying to kill him so he doesn’t succeed. And if they can’t get to him, they’ll go after his family and friends.

Sal and Gabi Break the Universe
by Carlos Hernandez
The story transports readers to the Cuban Miami world filled with culture, language, food, and people. It’s a great choice for bilingual Spanish and English speakers because Spanish is a big part of the dialogue and narration. The story itself is quirky and fun around the themes of family, friends, and calamity physics. Because Sal, our magician main character, can make holes in the universe to bring or send things to different realities–including his dead mother “Mami Muerta”. For me, the alternate worlds plotline brings up too many plot holes that are unexplainable and unreasonable but if you can ignore your rational reasoning, it’s an exciting adventure with likable main characters.

get hooked on new science fiction 2019

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