Looking for More Easy Chapter Books for Beginning Readers?

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Heads up! Today, I’m happy to share with you the latest easy chapter books for beginning readers. Because we all know that most kids like variety in their reading diet — and need lots of great choices from which to choose.

Easy Chapter Books for Begining Readers

Diary of an Ice Princess: Snow Place Like Home
by Christina Soontornvat
This charming new series for early readers features magic, friendship, myths, and diversity in a story about a girl whose family are windtamers who live in the clouds, magical beings who control the wind and weather. Unfortunately, Princess Lina’s powers are going wonky, especially when she gets upset. Luckily, her wise (and loud) grandfather helps Lina discover her true talents. Cheerful pink chapter titles, as well as pink and gray illustrations give this book a very princessy feel. (Book 2 is Frost Friends Forever.)

Searching for Stinkodon
by Megan McDonald, illustrated by Erwin Madrid
Judy’s brother Stink will not stop digging up their backyard until he finds dinosaur bones. Eventually, Judy finds hides a bone for him to find. But in a surprising twist, Stink finds something else — is it a real bone from a sabertooth tiger? You’ll love the sweet relationship between these siblings!


King and Kayla and the Case of the Lost Tooth
by Dori Hillestad Butler, illustrated by Nancy Meyers
King is Kayal’s beloved dog. Only he’s not just her best friend but in this story, he also helps her find her missing lost tooth.


Good Dog, McTavish
by Meg Rosoff, illustrated by Grace Easton
I adore this endearing story about a family in chaos and the dog (and youngest sibling) who fixes everything. The writing is brilliant with subtle, rye humor. When a mom quits “momming”, the youngest daughter, Betty, suggests that the family get a dog. Betty chooses McTavish the dog at a shelter or does McTavish choose them? Right away, he gets to work organizing the family which… takes plans and more plans.
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Warren and Dragon: 100 Friends
by Ariel Bernstein
Clearly, this kid has a big imagination because his best friend is a dragon who talks to Warren in real life. (Other people think the dragon is stuffed but Warren knows better.) And their conversations are very funny! When Warren’s family moves, his twin sister makes friends easily which she rubs in Warren’s face. Warren struggles to make friends with anyone besides his dragon. Until he sees that he does have another friend — if only he can be open to the possibilities.
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Mac Undercover (Kid Spy #1) 
by Mac Barnett, illustrated by Mike Lowery
This funny adventure is about a kid who the queen of England uses to solve an important mystery…You’ll need to withhold disbelief, or at least I did, but it’s super cute and popular with many younger readers. The story includes lots of illustrations, fabulous vocabulary words explained and repeated that perfectly fit the story such as regicide, and a kid-powered plot.


Magic on the Map: Let’s Moooove!
by Courtney Sheinmel and Bianca Turetsky, illustrated by Stevie Lewis
The sibling’s parents buy a camper that turns out to be magical and transports them to locations around the United States where the two experience the local culture with adventures and excitement. In this first book, Finn and Molly go to Colorado. Book two takes place in New York City. Yes, it sounds like the Magic Tree House but with a camper and in the present day. However, it makes up for that with its settings that will build a child’s knowledge of U.S. geography and culture.


Parker Bell and the Science of Friendship
by Cynthia Platt, illustrated by Rea Zhai
Parker loves science and hopes she and her team will win a medal in the science competition. The lovely friendship and STEM book engages readers in a relatable story about Parker’s new friendships as well as using the scientific method for invention, robots, & egg drops.
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History breaks when the siblings’ class makes Abe Lincoln mad by saying that history is boring. This screws up the moon landing sending Buzz and Neil and their spaceship to Texas during cowboy times. While Doc travels through a  magical cardboard box portal to help, Abby stays back in the classroom, reading all the weird mishaps that happen in their history book. If you like history, cowboys, astronauts, and kids who are smart, problem-solvers, this book is for you! (But, to be perfectly honest, this wasn’t my favorite book– I didn’t find the story interesting.)


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