Make Your Own Note Card Book

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Affiliate Links Make your own book with this quick and easy handmade book idea. All you need are large notecards and a stapler. And, for illustration help, consider using Mudpuppy’s sturdy stencils for kids. We think they’re indestructible!

Make Your Own Book

Make Your Own Note Card Book

Fold large notecards in half.

Take your stapler and staple in the crease at the top and the bottom.

See how easy it is to make these books? Notecards +a stapler + imagination and voila!

Make Your Own Note Card Book

Then use MudPuppy stencils for kids to illustrate the cover (and interior): Things that Go (shown above), Pretty Princess, In the Garden, Pirates Ahoy!, or All Around the World.

I really like using stencils with younger kids because often times the stencils themselves act like writing prompts — kids get ideas from the stencils!

Add a title and your author name. (We forgot this!)

Now you’re ready to write a story in your new blank book. We used the lined sides for the writing and the blank sides for the stencil art. What do you think you will do?

Tips for writing stories:

Make Your Own Note Card Book

Of course you can make books with card stock paper as well. If you do that you won’t be able to easily staple in the crease. To bind, try using the paper clip and rubber band technique or rubber band and stick method.

Make Your Own Note Card Book


Happy writing!

Need story ideas or character names? Check out this writing prompts for kids post for details.

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