Outstanding Nonfiction Early Reader Series

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I recommend the following outstanding nonfiction early readers series from these publishers: Usborne, Newmark Learning, National Geographic Kids, Time for Kids, and Scholastic’s Fly Guy Presents.

When I evaluate early readers, I consider the text to picture ratio, the visual appeal, the quality of information, and the interest level to kids. These early fove reader series do an excellent job in each of those categories.

Be aware that each publisher creates their own criteria for the leveling of their books. Use your own judgment on which level to buy for your children or students. Look through the sample pages before you commit to buying anything.


1. Usborne Publishers

Nonfiction Early Reader Series

Nonfiction Early Reader Series

Dogs by Emma Helbrough
My kids and I love this early reader series — the format and information in all the Usborne Beginning Reader books are excellent. (In fact, I think we have almost all of the books in this series.) 

2. Newmark Learning

Nonfiction Early Reader Series

How Many Fruits? by Anne Diorio
I have 1 watermelon. // I have 2 bananas. // I have 3 oranges.

Nonfiction Early Reader Series

What Can a Bird See by John Serrano
“A bird can see streets. //A bird can see fields. // A bird can see mountains.”

The Newmark Learning books really are for beginning readers with repetitive text and helpful picture clues. Their website is filled with amazing books for all levels of reader.

3. National Geographic Kids

Nonfiction Early Reader Series

Nonfiction Early Reader Series

Caterpillar to Butterfly by Laura Marsh
I love the simple text matching each beautiful photograph. These books are bright, colorful, and informative — just perfect for any beginning reader.

Nonfiction Early Reader Series

Nonfiction Early Reader Series

Planets by Elizabeth Carney
Information, interesting facts, and quizes make this another win for National Geographic Kids. It has a good text to picture ratio, is interesting and well-laid out!

4. Time for Kids

Nonfiction Early Reader Series 

This level 3 early reader book is visually appealing with solid information and good photographs like all the TFKs books and their magazine. I couldn’t find a good interior picture to show you so click through to see an example on Amazon.

5. Fly Guy Presents

Nonfiction Early Reader Series

Nonfiction Early Reader Series
Fly Guy Presents: Dinosaurs by Tedd Arnold
I adore Fly Guy. And I think it’s such a genius idea of Tedd Arnold to create a nonfiction easy reader series with his popular characters! In Dinosaurs, Fly Guy and Buzz visit the museum and learn about dinosaurs. I like the combination of comics and photographs as well as narrative and informational text. Each of the books in this series are a field trip to learn about the topic.

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Outstanding NonFiction Early Reader Series

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  1. I have written children’s books and three have been published. Would like to know where I can send my series of easy/early readers? The title of the series is “LEARNING ABOUT OUR WORLD”. Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing back from you. Kind regards – Nancy L Farrow – author

    Newest release: “THE UNICORNS FROM CAPRICORN”.Nan

  2. This is a great list of books! My students love the National Geographic books and the new Fly Guy nonfiction titles have become favorites of theirs. They already knew Fly Guy from the original fiction books, but merging his character with kid-friendly topics like sharks and dinosaurs was genius. The “Pebble” books are also great choices for K-1 kids… bright, vivid photographs and simple text make them so appealing… my kids seek them out when they go “shopping” for books in the class library. 🙂