Get the Giggles with New, Funny Picture Books

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Do your kids like funny books as much as mine? These new picture books will appeal to your kids who love stories that make them laugh.


Get the Giggles with New, Funny Picture Books

I Can Only Draw Worms
by Will Mabbitt
This zany counting book with all the worms is a laugh-out-loud adventure in neon pink, yellow, white, and black. The narrator explains that he can only draw worm so that’s exactly what he does –draws lots of worms. Ten worms actually with super funny commentary.

The next page is really exciting. Worm SIX is riding on a flying unicorn! // I can’t draw flying unicorns. I’ve drawn worm FIVE again, instead.”

BUY this book — it is a keeper. You’ll be reading and rereading it many times. I hope you draw your own worm book after reading this story.

Teachers, this book would be a fantastic mentor text for teaching voice.
–>Added to The Best Children’s Picture Books of 2019.

How to Give Your Cat a Bath in Five Easy Steps
by Nicola Winstanley, illustrated by John Martz
Want some advice for giving your cat a bath? Read this hilarious book with simple text and funny illustrations that shows readers how pointless it is to even attempt at giving a cat a bath. It’s sure to be a new read-aloud favorite!

And you’ll love how Step One repeats with different, modified directions on each page.

I would also recommend it for a (silly) mentor text to teach sequencing and giving directions.

The Donkey Egg
by Janet Stevens and Susan Stevens Crummel
Impressively educational while being funny, charming, and warmhearted! Fox convinces Bear that to turn around Bear’s farm and grow more crops, he just needs a donkey egg for only $19.94. “Keep it warm, safe, and happy,” advises Fox before he leaves. Bear sits and sits on the so-called Egg. Read the text boxes that share helpful information about time.

For example, “1 minute = 60 seconds” / “It takes about a second to sneeze.” / “It takes about two minutes to brush your teeth.” Or “It takes about a week for a snake to shed its entire skin.

Bear rocks his egg and sings it a song. He tells it stories and acts out a play. Hare comes by several more times to check on the situation. When the egg rolls down the road, Bear realizes what we’ve known all along — it’s a watermelon.

Dejected about being tricked, the two friends get to work on the farm. Little do they expect that soon they’ll have watermelons growing everywhere. What will they buy with the money they earn at the market? Can you guess? (Hint: It rhymes with wonky.)
–>Added to The Best Children’s Picture Books of 2019.


by Jenn Harney
Little Bear is having a hysterical adventure with his underwear much to his parents’ exasperation. Rhyming, giggle-inducing text pairs perfectly with comedic, expressive illustrations. “Under where? / Underwear. / Under there? UnderWEAR, over THERE. / Over where? / On the Chair.” Potty training kids will be able to relate to this story about a little bear who has a lot of *fun* with his underwear.

The One-Stop Story Shop
by Tracey Corderoy, illustrated by Tony Neal
What a delightful, funny celebration of stories and imagination! When the knight’s dragon is on vacation for some “me” time, the knight goes to the One Stop Story Shop for help. The shopkeeper gives him some options starting with a feisty ferret and stories about space, jungle, and the wild west. This story is pure fun!

Ten Rules of the Birthday Wish
by Beth Ferry and Tom Lichtenheld
I love this exuberant celebration guide about making a birthday wish. The writing is whimsical and silly with plenty of delicious word choices.

If you are lucky enough to have friends who can warble, croon, and carry a tune, sit back and enjoy the show” not to mention plenty of practical advice, “If you are a rhinoceros, a swordfish, a sea urchin, or pointy in any way, you may want to skip the balloons.

Undercover Ostrich
by Joe Kulka
The serious narrator wants us to agree that spotting the ostrich is practically impossible. It’s not. In fact, the ostrich is totally obvious to see. Silly narrator!


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