Favorite Math Apps for Kids

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We think math apps make math practice much more fun. Do your kids think so, too? We’ve found some math app favorites to share with you.

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Math Apps for Kids

math apps for kids
Marble Math Jr. $1.99

Players are shown a maze and given a math problem. Example: collect numbers equal to 8 (=5, 3) or collect from last to first (8th, 6th, 4th, 1st). Drag or roll the marble through the maze to complete the problem. Three levels of play. The maze makes it seem like a game making the math practice more fun for kids.

math apps for kids
Marble Math $1.99

The same concept as Marble Math Jr. but for older kids. Three levels starting with problems such as: collect fractions to add up to 1. A level 2 problem example is collect the missing number: 24 + ? = 51. A fun game-like way to practice math.

math apps for kids
JumpStart Jet Pack $1.99

Pick from either reading or math play, pick the topic (such as silly syllables, noun-sense or number know it all 1 – 30 or add em up – two digits) within the three levels of curriculum, then select from three levels of difficulty. This means you have mega options for practice and learning! Players fly through the correct answers or zap the incorrect numbers – you have a jetpack  and get to fly around – we think it’s “cool” and totally fun. Top Pick! We also love Jet Pack Joyride.

math apps for kids
Monkey Math School $.99

For the younger kids to practice basic math concepts like: touch the shape that has 4 sides = a square has 4 sides. JJ loves the prizes of fish in an aquarium! Plus the super cute monkey super on a beach has big kid appeal. Top Pick!

math apps for kids
Sushi Monster FREE

Lots of levels of math practice in this one — 7 addition levels, and 5 multiplication levels. The goal is to get faster and faster. A sushi monster in the middle of two circles – outer circle have numbers on sushi pieces.  The monster has a number on him which is the target number. Players pick the numbers on the outer circles that either combine up to that number. In addition, if you get it write the monster eats the number, if you get it wrong, you can keep trying but if you get it wrong in multiplciation, he smashes the table. We think this is lots of fun.

math apps for kids
Operation Math Code Squad $1.99

Kids will love this fast paced, multi-player math adventure. You’ll work with three other base ten agents to solve the equations before time runs out.  Select an operation (addition, subtraction, both, multiplication, division) and difficulty level – easy, medium, and difficult. The equations spin around in the center circle so up to 4 players can play on any side of the ipad. Each player has a number pad to enter the answer. This just came out so my kids haven’t had a chance to play it but I think it looks fantastic.

math apps for kids
Splash Math FREE, $9.99

A practice and play math app for each grade level with prizes and reports on progress. 2nd grade example question: What is the place of the underlined digit? 79 = ones. I like the option of a scratch pad where kids can work out the problem with their fingers. Concepts covered are place value, numbers sense, addition strategies, 2 digit addition, subtraction strategies, 2 digit subtraction, time, measurements, geometry, data, money, 3 digit addition, 3 digit subtraction.

math apps for kids
Playful Minds Math (ages 5 – 8) FREE

Select from either a US or UK curriculum, design an avatar, and pick grade level K – 2 to get started. You’re given a map where you can select a destination like the Beach Island. There you must follow the trail with different math concepts to solve. For example 2nd graders on the Beach Island do addition, subtraction, telling time, and patterns. Tropical music and a pleasant sounding narrator make the game-feel of this app happy and friendly.

math apps for kids
Math Blaster Hyperblast 2  FREE / $1.99

We love this fun video arcade-type game! addition, subtraction, fractions, multiplication, division,  – each with different lessons and levels of difficulty,  you are on a rocket ship zooming through a tunnel full of dangers you must shoot and destroy and the equation  numbers. Top Pick! Also try Space Zapper.

math apps for kids
King of Math FREE, $.99

Timed practices with unique levels like farmer, jester, and blacksmith. Concepts include: addition, subtraction,  multiplication, division, arithmetic, geometry, fractions, powers, statistics. Good practice for older kids because it’s quite challenging.

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  1. My kids always get curious about everything around them, so numerous online games on the net seduce them. I’m afraid that they will not know about the right things and good games to experience. Therefore, I always encourage them to enjoy Math apps which have been checked carefully by me.

  2. Useful Math Apps for Kids. It’s great. The apps with a variety of cool math games will keep the kids amused and train their brain. Each mini-game will lead them from challenge to challenge. It also teaches them how to solve some hard puzzles. Amazing!