Favorite Children’s Books About Winter

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Celebrate the winter season with charming picture books about winter, snow, animals, and snowy activities. Won’t these cozy picture books make the best read-aloud books?

Favorite Children’s Books About Winter

Snow Still
by Holly Surplice
A sweet, simple story about winter shows a little fawn taking slippery steps into the fresh world of snow with bunnies playing near a tree, birds resting on a high branch, and an owl soaring overhead. Each page is only two words that always starts with the word snow. Finally, the fawn finds his parent and they all curl up to sleep. “Snow sleep.

The Itsy Bitsy Snowman
by Jeffrey Burton, illustrated by Sanja Rescek
This winter book gives readers a playful twist to the familiar “Itsy Bitsy Spider” but with a snowman who climbs up the snowy hill, zips, slides, and plays in the wintery snow.

books about winter
Snow Friends
by Margery Cuyler, illustrated by Will Hillenbrand
Experience the snow from a dog’s perspective in this darling, playful wintery read aloud. Oscar’s boy wants to stay inside and read so Oscar goes outside to play in the snow– and makes a new friend. When his boy arrives, he makes a new friend, too.

books about winter
by Lynne Rae Perkins
Filled with rich, wonderful words, this is a sweet winter story that starts with a misunderstanding but shows the power of kindness and starting new traditions. Thomas loses his fruit basket and assumes someone stole it. But then a stranger returns the basket he found. As a result, Thomas and his friend Lucy chase after the stranger to include him in their Winter’s Eve plans.

The Snowy Day
by Ezra Jack Keats
Memorable from my own childhood, this classic story still holds the same wonder and thrill of the first snow. Peter spends the day outside, crunching in the snow, making tracks, and playing. But can he save the snowball for later? Gorgeous artwork and a timeless story.

Ten Ways to Hear Snow
by Cathy Camper, illustrated by Kenard Pak
Lina walks through the snow to her Grandma’s house. As she walks, she notices the sounds of snow.  Her boots on the ground sound like “snyak, snyek, snyuk.” People sweeping snow off their cars make a “swish-wish, swish-wish.” She hears the snow with things like mittens, skis, snowballs, shovels, too. When she arrives at her Grandma’s they cook together, eat, and listen to the stillness of the snow. This story’s lovely illustrations combined with the sensory images in the text give readers an immersive experience of this snowy day.

The Snow Dancer
by Addie Boswell, illustrated by Merce Lopez
Snow-covers the ground while Sofia sleeps. When she wakes, she leaves the sleeping house and explores the quiet morning, leaping, twirling, crunching, and dancing a ballet in the silence. Until the other kids noisily arrive outside, too. Amidst the hubbub of the kids loudly paying, Sofia shows a little girl just what a snow dancer does…which even includes joining in a huge snowball fight. Lyrical language and beautiful illustrations celebrate a young dancer’s day in the snow.

by Cynthia Rylant
Evocative imagery paints dancing pictures of snow in our minds…“The best snow is the snow that comes softly in the night, like a shy friend afraid to knock, so she thinks she’ll just wait in the yard until you see her. This is the snow that brings you peace.” Some snow falls in “fat, cheerful flakes” that sends you home early from someplace you don’t want to be like school or work. This picture book’s magical tribute to snow beautifully captures the enchantments of snowy weather.

The Deep and Snowy Wood
by Elwyn Tate
In the deep and snowy wood,” a mole digs, a deer run, a squirrel hops. Where are the animals going? To greet Santa because it’s Christmas Day! It’s a delightful story for preschoolers with rhyming, repetition, and simplicity. I love it!   

by Uri Shulevitz
The skies are gray. And a little boy with the dog knows it’s snowing. (Even though no one else thinks the snowflakes will add up to something. Not the TV forecaster or the grandfather, or the lady with the umbrella.) We know the boy is right and watch through his eyes at the beautiful snow that arrives to coat the landscape of his city.

The Story of Snow: The Science of Winter’s Wonder
by Mark Cassino
Easily understandable readers will read how snow is made from a speck to the snow crystal that falls to earth. Peaceful blue and white illustrations plus interesting information make this an enlightening winter read filled with scientific information about snow.

Snowflake Bentley
by Jacqueline Briggs Martin, illustrated by Mary Azarian
Even as a boy, Wilson Bentley loved snowflakes. He wanted to be able to save and share them with other people. Eventually, he began photographing the snowflakes to show that no two are alike and each is a miracle of beauty. See some of his photographs in the book, Snowflakes in Photographs.

The Mitten
 by Jan Brett
We adore this story! A boy named Nicki convinces his grandmother to knit him white mittens and drops one in the snow. One by one, the forest animals find the mitten and crawl inside until it’s overflowing with animals — even a bear. Eventually, a surprising and funny turn of events will bring the stretched mitten back to Nikki. The detailed border designs give this story a rich flavor plus the illustrations lend to the folk tale’s sense of place.

Magical Winter Picture Books
First Snow by Bomi Park
Black and white with splashes of red illustrate the magical experience of a first snowfall as seen through the eyes of a little girl building a snowman. Subtle, simple, and beautiful.

25 Favorite Children's Books About Winter
Winter Dance
by Marion Dane Bauer, illustrated by Richard Jones
This beautifully illustrated and written picture book enchants readers with repeated text and soft forest scenes.Winter is coming, what should I do?” the fox asks. As he asks the different forest creatures, one by one they tell him what they do in the winter like make a chrysalis, burrow in the mud, gather and hide acorns. But, it’s not until he sees another red fox that he learns what to do. “When a million snowflakes fill the air, twirling, tumbling, spinning, waltzing, you and I join them.” It’s absolutely a joyful celebration of winter.

25 Favorite Children's Books About Winter
Bunny Slopes
by Claudia Rueda
Bunny’s ready to ski. But where is the snow? Maybe you can help! Bunny asks YOU to shake, tilt, and tap the book so that there is snow, a hill, and everything Bunny needs for skiing. Hooray! Now for a warm cup of cocoa…Love the captivating illustrations filled with personality!

Wolf in the Snow
by Matthew Cordell
Mostly wordless. A magnificent story about helping others. When a girl in a bright red coat leaves school in a worsening snowstorm, she gets lost. Meanwhile, so does a little wolf cub. The girl finds the wolf and carries him toward the distant howling of his pack. But then she collapses, freezing and lost. The wolves gather around her, howling for her people who find her and take her home to snuggle by the fire.

Winter Is Here by Kevin Henkes, illustrated by Laura Dronzek
Snow is falling, sticking to the trees in clumps and curls, and dripping from the roofs.Winter is here,” writes Henkes. He elaborates how the animals burrow and the children dress in many layers of clothing. Gentle, descriptive text and rich, soft illustrations show the wonders of the winter season.

25 Favorite Children's Books About Winter
Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter
by Kenard Pak
Hello starts out each page’s text. Hello, robins and cardinals who are ready to fly south. Hello, deer, whose fur is thickening up for winter. Hello, evergreens whose pine-needle branches “shiver in the wind while you sleep.” Slowly the illustrations shift from fall to snowy white winter and so does the text. Hello to frost and icicles. And goodbye, autumn. This is a wonderful cozy book to read by the fire with your little ones.

Snow Sisters
by Kerri Kokias, illustrated by Teagan White
In this lovely book about winter, simple text pairs with lovely illustrations showing how two sisters spend a snowy day. One inside, one outside; then, they trade places and retrace each other’s footsteps.

Mice Skating
by Annie Silvestro, illustrated by Teagan White
When it’s winter, most field mice stay burrowed in their dens. But not Lucy. She loves the crunchy snow, the frosty air, and her fluffy wool hat that makes her warm, brave, and bold. Her friends think she’s weird but Lucy’s determined to show them how fun winter can be.

The Little Snowplow by Lora Koehler, illustrated by Jake Parker
The Little Snowplow
by Lora Koehler, illustrated by Jake Parker
The Big Snowplows don’t think the Little Snowplow is necessary on their crew because BIG is better. When a huge storm arrives, Little Snowplow shows the bigger trucks that he can be a BIG help and save the day.

The Little Snowplow Wishes for Snow
by Lora Koehler, illustrated by Jake Parker
You’ll appreciate this picture book’s message that not all winters have snow. In this enjoyable story, it’s Little Snowplow’s biggest wish to see snow. He and his friends do every superstitious thing they can to make it snow but it doesn’t. Just when he’s about to give up and on his birthday day, it snows! He excitedly skips his party and gets to work. Of course, his friends meet him later for a very fun postponed celebration. (Imagine trucks playing pin the tail on the yeti and making snow trucks.)

A Day So Gray by Marie Lamba, illustrated by Alea Marley
A little girl takes her friend around the neighborhood to show her that it’s not all gray… In fact, it’s “deep soft brown, and shining blue, and silver splashes on bright yellow.” Closer observation shows the tans and oranges and reds , purples, gray, and greens… This celebration of details and shifting your perspective might be just what you need on a so-called gray day.

Little Red Gliding Hood 25 Favorite Children's Books About Winter
Little Red Gliding Hood by Tara Lazar, illustrated by Troy Cummings
Little Red is an ice skater in need of a partner in this fractured fairy tale. She’s determined to win the pairs skating competition and win a new pair of skates. Will the wolf be the perfect partner? A fun wintery twist on a familiar fairy tale!

Max and Marla by Alexandra Boiger 25 Favorite Children's Books About Winter
Max and Marla
by Alexandra Boiger
Marla and her best friend Max (an owl) are determined to be successful Olympians. Charming illustrations perfectly capture their exciting winter adventure.

25 Favorite Children's Books About Winter
We’re Going on a Bear Hunt: Snow Globe Edition
by Michael Rosen, illustrated by Helen Oxenbury
I love this interactive snow globe cover that kids can shake and move. As you do, watch the white snow circle around the dad and kids. Inside is the story is the familiar Bear Hunt story which includes new 3D illustrations that pop-up. While it’s not a book about winter per se, the cover makes it irresistible!

25 Favorite Children's Books About Winter
The Wish Tree
by Kyo Maclear, illustrated by Chris Turnham
Even though his family doesn’t believe it, Charles and his friend Boggan (who is a toboggan) cheerfully stroll through the forest looking for a wish tree. On their journey, they help many animals who then in turn help Charles and Boggan find the special tree of wishes.

25 Favorite Children's Books About Winter 
When the Snow Falls
by Linda Booth Sweeney, illustrated by Jana Christy
Playful poetic language invites readers into a wonderland of multigenerational, multicultural family time in the snow.Woods hush. Fields glisten. Wren sings. We listen.” The children sled, make snow angels, watch the snowy roads, and return home to a cozy fire next to grandma and grandpa. “Cocoa warms. Mittens puddle. Day dawdles. We cuddle.” This book feels like a warm and cozy hug.

25 Favorite Children's Books About Winter 
by Suzy Lee
Watch the beautiful lines adorn each page as a solitary skater creates swirly, whirly designs on the ice. She spins, leaps, skates backward, and suddenly — a surprise –eraser marks. What? Now we see that she’s actually an illustration on crumpled paper. The delightful illusion surprises the reader who wants to believe in the magic of those lines. Then the skater is back with new friends, skating on a busy pond. Pure magic!

Winter's Child by Angela McAllister
Winter’s Child
by Angela McAllister illustrated by Grahame Baker-Smith
You’ll be enchanted by the exquisite, finely detailed artwork in this beautiful book about winter about a boy who loves the winter season and his new friend, Winter’s Child, who stays extra long with his friend delaying spring in favor of playing.

No Yeti Yet by Mary Ann Fraser
No Yeti Yet
by Mary Ann Fraser
We’re going on a Yeti Hunt says Big Brother on this perfect snowy day. As the siblings play and search, Little Brother wonders what the yeti will smell like, sound like, and be like. Will they find a Yeti on their fun winter adventure?

books about winter
The Biggest Snowman Ever
by Steven Kroll, illustrated by Jeni Bassett
Clayton and Desmond can’t wait to build the biggest snowman for the mayor’s contest. They work hard but alone, can’t build a very big snowman. They collaborate to make the biggest snowman ever.

Amazing books about winter for children

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