DIY Mini Masterpieces (For a Rainy or Hot Day)

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We’ve been staying inside as if it were rainy. But it’s not; it’s just hot! Are you staying inside, too? (Or are we the only wimps?) Either way, if you need an inside activity, we’ve found the best art project for all ages — mini masterpieces with small canvases.

DIY Mini Masterpieces for Your Staycation

So our new favorite art project is making mini-masterpieces using mini canvas and easel sets. We got ours at Hobby Lobby but you can make your own with this mini easel tutorial or buy them on Amazon. These are great for my kids because they’re quick and are fun doll accessories.

DIY Mini Masterpieces (For a Rainy or Hot Day)

The miniature size provides the perfect size blank slate for artistic expression.

And I don’t know about your kids, but my kids LOVE small things.

mini masterpieces with small canvases

What art medium can you use with these cute canvases to create your mini masterpieces?

How about…




Try different artistic styles and look in your kid art or drawing books for ideas of what to paint.

DIY Mini Masterpieces (For a Rainy or Hot Day)

When you’re done, decorate your house with all your beautiful masterpieces!

Or give them as gifts.

Or sell them at a booth by your neighborhood pool. (Which my daughter did…and gave the money to charity.)

Maybe your kids can use these to pretend play . . .

doll museum,

art exchange

art gallery opening

Would your kids like this staycation art activity, too?

mini masterpieces art activity for staycations and rainy days

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  1. I love your mini masterpieces! Where did you find the tiny easels? My oldest just bought 4 of those small cardboard canvases plus a ton of other sizes at the art store but these were the first ones she used.

    I just sent her a sleepaway camp package and I found these tiny art papers, the size of 2x business cards, that they call “art cards.” I think she will like those too and it’s fun to paint on small sizes so that your painting is completed quickly.