Write on the Walls! DIY Whiteboards

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I absolutely love whiteboards. You can make your own for home or school. Plus, they beat chalkboards hands down – no messy dust, easier to keep clean, easier to use, easier to read, more color pen options, and I don’t know of any allergies to them. Here’s how to DIY . . .

DIY with Vinyl Sheets

Did you know that you can buy whiteboard in vinyl sheets? I just discovered this cooler-than-chalkboard option for our walls.

I learned the hard way (pen on the wall) to make a border with painter’s tape — which is why the white board is so close to the wall–to cover up the pen marks.

The rectangle works well for two people; short and tall sized kids as well.

I like how Artsy Fartsy Mama uses the vinyl to make a whiteboard calendar.

DIY Whiteboard Mirror

If you want to get fancy, check out how to make a dry erase board out of a mirror like this one above!

DIY Whiteboard with Paint

I can’t wait to use whiteboard paint from IdeaPaint! The whiteboard paint seems like a GREAT option for schools. Think of the use spaces or desks that could be transformed into whiteboards and used as learning tools. Also, you could repaint old chalkboards or whiteboards instead of throwing them out. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

At home, I can imagine making a whiteboard desk like this one.

DIY Frame a Whiteboard

You can buy whiteboard at Home Depot, cut it, and add a frame. See how to make one on Lolly Jane’s blog.

Not DIY: Our Double-Sided Whiteboard

We use our double-sided white board for so many things: drawing, hangman, schedules, lists, and writing workshops. It’s not a DIY but it totally rocks!

What do you use your whiteboards for?

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  1. I have used portable whiteboards in therapy with kids…and have had some pretty amazing results. Currently, I have an old chalkboard in one of my offices, which I use regularly with kids…but the whole chalk dust thing is a bit of a drag. Thanks for these FAB ideas. I’ll be curious to see how that whiteboard paint works. I hope you share your results!
    Wendy =)