Children’s Picture Books Winter 2015

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Children’s picture books tell stories with words and pictures. They make us smile, laugh, cry, smirk, and wonder. They teach us. They entertain us. And, much to my delight, there are new and wonderful picture books published every year! Like these . . .

Children’s Picture Books Winter 2015

ONe Day The End
One Day, The End: Short Very Short
 Shorter-than-Ever Stories by Rebecca Kai Doltish, illustrated by Fred Koehler
This is true picture book in the sense that the illustrations tell MUCH of the stories. Let’s take this story for example: “One day I went to school. I came home. The end.” Readers will see her walking to school and playing with her cat, making a huge mess during science at school, feeling sad, getting ice cream from the truck . . . It’s such a cute book for kids to explore!

One Word from Sophia
One Word from Sophia
by Jim Averbeck, illustrated by Yasmeen Ismail
This picture book is a great way to teach kids summarizing! Sophia really wants a pet giraffe for her birthday. She sets out to convince her family. She starts with her mother, a judge, and presents her case. Mother says that Sophia’s argument is too verbose. She tries fewer words with Father. But he says her presentation is too effusive. Sophia continues with each family member until she reaches her last ditch attempt and says one word: PLEASE. And that one word works!

Who Done It?
Who Done It?
by Oliver Tallec
This is a fun book choice for young children to observe. Each page asks a question that requires close study of the illustration. For example on the page “Who the all the jam?” you must find one character with jam on his face and body. Or on the “Who is in love?” page, look for the character smiling happily with a flushed face.

Nerdy Birdy Children's Picture Books Winter 2015
Nerdy Birdy
by Aaron Reynolds, illustrated by Matt Davies
This is a wonderful story about friendship, clicks, and acceptance! Nerdy Birdy is not cool . . . and he’s lonely. When he finds other nerdy birds, they invite him to be friends. But Nerdy Birdy learns that his new friends aren’t as accepting as he thought. They won’t let Vulture join their group! So Nerdy Birdy befriends Vulture. Both birds know what it’s like to be lonely and think there’s always room for another friend.

Max the Brave Children's Picture Books Winter 2015
Max the Brave
by Ed Vere
Max is such a brave kitty. He just needs a mouse to chase. Which is why he asks every creature he meets if they are mice. Eventually, he finds a mouse to attack! (Or is it?) Very silly!

The Full Moon at the Napping House Children's Picture Books Winter 2015
The Full Moon at the Napping House
by Audrey Wood and Don Wood
Remember the original story, The Napping House? This is a variation on that story but in this one the full-moon makes everyone restless so no one can sleep. Eventually, the full-moon song soothes all the people and animals in the house back to sleepiness. A sweet new twist on a favorite story with excellent rhyming and illustrations.

My Leaf Book Children's Picture Books Winter 2015
My Leaf Book
by Monica Wellington
You’re going to have fun with this fall-themed book because it’s about a girl looking at leaves, learning about each, and using them to make a leaf book. I can’t imagine not wanting to make a leaf book of your own as soon as you’re done reading it. The girl learns about not just tree / leaf types but the different properties of leaves. Gorgeous!

Ninja Baby Children's Picture Books Winter 2015
Ninja Baby
by David Zelter
Nina is ninja baby and she is GOOD. She’s training to conceal, infiltrate, and vanish until baby kung fun arrives. “Their parents will never know what hit them.”

Everyone Loves Bacon Children's Picture Books Winter 2015
Everyone Loves Bacon
by Kelly DiPucchio, illustrated by Eric Wight
Bacon is so popular — everyone loves him. Including himself. He’s so self-centered that he doesn’t mind leaving his breakfast-food friends behind when he becomes a celebrity. Not one bit. But, wait until you see just what happens to bacon . . . Maybe he’ll learn his lesson!?

Little Kunoichi The Ninja Girl Children's Picture Books Winter 2015
Little Kunoichi The Ninja Girl
by Sanae Ishida
If your kids are like mine, they LOVE ninjas.In this book children can see what a real ninja does for training. The problem is that this girl isn’t doing well at ninja school. When she meets a boy, Chibi Samurai, who is training to be a samurai and not doing so well at his school either, the two pair up and train together shugyo style. Now their goal is to be better, not perfect, and to have fun.

Dragon's Extrordinary Egg Children's Picture Books Winter 2015
Dragon’s Extraordinary Egg
by Debi Gliori
Bib’s mommy (a penguin) tells him a wonderful (true) bedtime story about a dragon who wanted an egg. One day that dragon found an egg that needed a mommy. The dragon mommy loved her new baby very  much — even she was covered in feathers. And then one day, a volcano made that special penguin baby slide into the water where she discovered an egg of her own — Bib’s egg, a dragon egg. Sweet story redefining the definition of family.

Underwear Children's Picture Books Winter 2015
One Big Pair of Underwear
 by Laura Gehl & Tom Lichtenheld
HAHA – this is the silliest “counting” picture book you’ll read! It’s counting and subtracting and patterns and did I mention silliness?

Mad Scientist Academy Children's Picture Books Winter 2015
Mad Scientist Academy The Dinosaur Disaster
by Matthew McElligott
In this comic book, Dr. Cosmic is a kooky mad-scientist teacher to an unusual group of students: werewolf, bug-girl, vampire, robot, and others. He takes his students through an interactive exhibit on dinosaurs but can the students can stay safe? Lots of dinosaur facts throughout.

Beyond the Pond Children's Picture Books Winter 2015
Beyond the Pond
by Joseph Kuefler
Ernest D. discovers that his pond HAS NO BOTTOM! Excited, he begins to explore the depths that lead to another world. Good thing he’s a brave explorer!


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  1. SO many awesome picture books to choose from! Thanks for making this list 🙂 I am always looking for new books that will teach my 6 year old and entertain her 🙂 There are so many books out there to choose from so I am always looking online for ideas! Recently my daughter and I have read a fantastic picture book called “Do You See What I See?” by author Katrina-Jane ( It is a book that follows a little girl who is being visited by her grandmother who has recently passed away. It sounds like it would be a scary subject for a child but the author uses beautiful illustrations and writes in rhyme so that children can enjoy the book and learn about the afterlife in a very special way. The quote that really stuck with me is “”Always be honest, Always be true, for this is a special gift that has been given to you.” I think the book is full of positive messages and allowed for my daughter and I to go over a hard subject that is usually difficult to approach. Hope you and your readers will check it out!

  2. One Word from Sophia was one of my favorite books this year, and Little Kunoichi was so charming! I’ve enjoyed Matthew McElligott’s previous picture books so I’ll have to track down this one. Thanks for the roundup, a lot of good stuff here!