Robot Face Race for Family Game Night

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Affiliate Links Robot Face Race is one of the best family game night games –it’s a game that my kids and I absolutely love! It’s a learning game with emphasis on concentration, visual perception, and discrimination skills for 2 – 4 players, ages four and up.

The game board shows 120 unique robot heads. Each person gets 5 tokens of one color. Be the first person to see a matching robot and you can put down your robot token. If you put down 5 tokens, you win the game.

Robot Face Race

1. Pass our the colored tokens. (Each person gets a set of 5.)

2. Shake the robot randomizer. When you do, you’ll see what to look for on the game board — the color of eyes, smile, face, and nose. (Shaking the randomizer is way cool by the way.) 

Robot Face Race

3. Scan the board for the robot head that matches eyes, nose, mouth, and head to what’s on the robot randomizer. When you see it, put down your colored token! Do you see the purple guy in the picture below that matches the randomizer above?

Robot Face Race

4. The first player to put down five tokens wins the game!

Robot Face Race

**My goal is to one day beat my kids in this game. They’re smarties! 🙂

This is a 2014 top holiday pick for me! I highly recommend this for family game night.

I recommend helping the younger kids find matches so they don’t get discouraged. Normally I don’t let kids win but in this case, I think it would be helpful to build up confidence.

Robot Face Race


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