Fun With Bubbles – Make Your Own Solution & Wands

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Writers and scientists observe.  Watch.  Learn. Describe. Experiment.

Help your child be both scientist and writer while enjoying the playfulness of bubbles.

Best Bubble Solution 

1 cup water
2 Tablespoons dish soap

Make your homemade solution compare with a store bought solution. Which make the longest, biggest, bubbles? Write down all observations.

Best Bubble Wands

Try store bought, pipe cleaner shapes, plastic lids with the middle cut out, “pipe” cup and straw (insert straw into a small hole at the bottom, dip top of cup into solution and blow into the straw,) and straws.

Compare your different bubble wands. My daughter, who is 7, wrote down either smiley or frowny faces for her results.  Older children can get fancy by polling friends and graphing the results.


Bubbles look like . . .  (a globe, a cereal piece, a gumball, . . .)

Use your writer’s imagination to think of many similes for bubbles.

Write a B- Bubble Poem

Alliteration . . . 

Bubbles blow
blue boats
Bye-bye, bubbles


Bubble activities

Baking soda bubbles (PBS Kids)

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