What is the mission of your child’s school?

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What is the mission of your child’s school? Take a look right now, I’ll wait.

. . .

Seriously, go look.

. . .

My daughter’s elementary school’s mission statement says this: “students will develop, apply, and refine literacy in the language of words, numbers, and the arts so that they are able to achieve academically and reach their potential.”

– Literacy

– Words, Numbers, Arts

– Academics

– Potential

Okay. Literacy is sort of difficult to define but that sounds good. Stresses academics and potential. Hmmm. Let’s move on to a few more.

How about another public school in Colorado that I randomly found. “We know our students can successfully master the challenging academic material they need to function as life long learners in a diverse, democratic society. As Educators, we will provide the environment and instruction necessary to produce this achievement. At Stein, we will always work openly with students, parents, and the community at large toward this purpose.”

– Academic

– Life long learners

– Environment and instruction

– Work together toward purpose

Hmm. Good to mention life long learners (a bit cliche but great if they really mean it) but what about any critical thinking, or even creativity?

How about this innovative, researched-based public school, Gold Rush Elementary?  “Our mission is to develop students who think critically and act responsibly. We will accomplish this by building a strong relationship with students, parents, staff and our community that inspires a love of learning and honors individuality and creativity.”

– Think critically

– Act responsibility

– Relationships & community

– Love learning

– Honor individuality and creativity

Much better. This sounds like a great environment for a learner and family.

How about this mission statement from a gifted private school?

“. . . provide a stimulating and enjoyable environment that promotes academic excellence and intercultural understanding. Our goal is to maximize learning potential and promote development of the whole child. We want our students to mature into whole, healthy human beings who are confident about their unique gifts and their place in the world as worthwhile contributors, who have keen minds and compassionate hearts and who contribute their special gifts to a world that needs them. We are committed to an academic program that emphasizes a passion for life-long learning. In pursuing this goal, we strive to ensure that each child develops socially, emotionally, creatively, physically, and cognitively in a nurturing and supportive environment.”

– Stimulating and enjoyable

– Academic excellence

– Intercultural understanding

– Whole child

– Keen minds and compassionate hearts

– Develop socially, emotionally, creatively, physically, and cognitively

What’s not to love here? (Not all private schools say things like this. I am not promoting private schools, only this incredible mission statement.)

A school’s mission statement declares it’s values and focus.

What is your school’s mission statement? If you homeschool, what is your mission statement?

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  1. This is great. . . .never thought about mission statements till now, here’s the mission statement for our school district:

    a community characterized by diversity, high expectations and support for learning, is to empower all students

    To develop their unique potential and character,
    To assume responsibilities of citizenship and leadership and
    To thrive in a challenging and rapidly changing global community

    through the commitment of our quality staff, working in partnership with students, parents and community, and utilizing visionary programs in a nurturing environment of mutual respect and dignity.