Frisbee Fun

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Don’t you think physical exercise, just like mental exercise, rewards children with better skills, health and fitness?

If you have a Frisbee, you can get creative with some target practice and games.  If your child doesn’t know how to throw a Frisbee, get a nice soft one (REI has a good one,) show him or her how to curl his or her arm and Frisbee into the body, uncurl and release.  It does take a bit of practice but the fun will be worth it.

Game 1:  Throw through a hoop . . .

frisbee hoop

Game 2:  Throw at a target . . .

frisbee throw

Game 3:  Throw on top of the roof . . .

Game 3:  Throw Two Frisbees (adapted from Family Fun) . . . two players stand on either side of the yard.  Each has a Frisbee.  Play begins simultaneously, the object is to keep the the Frisbees apart, so both are not on the same side at the same time.


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