Basher Science Games for Kids

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If you haven’t read the Simon Basher science books, you’ll LOVE their quirky and entertaining style which is just perfect for kid readers. This book series recently launched science games for kids with bonus super cute collectible figurines. The goal is to playfully interest and educate more kids in STEM, particularly science, especially ages 10 – 14.

Basher Science Games, Books, and Toys for Kids
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So far the Basher Science books BiologyChemistry, and Rocks and Minerals have games and toys that correspond to each book. Adding these playful components helps to cement the learning and make the science content appealing to kids.

Basher Science Chemistry Book Page

My kids think the figurines (made by Mattel) are AWESOMELY ADORABLE.


Basher Science Games for Kids

The card games include a set of cards with directions for two different games, tokens to track your score, and a figurine– just for fun.

Chemistry Card Game for Kids from Basher Science

The first game you can play is essentially like War — with a few changes. Just like in the game of War, the highest card wins. EXCEPT if the card says otherwise. See the example cards in the photo below.

Basher Science Games, Books, and Toys for Kids

My daughter totally dominated this game. As always. Does that happen with your kids, too?

It’s quick and easy to play. It’s totally educational unless you set the intention to read the cards and the information as you play. Otherwise it’s all about the number, the information at the bottom, and winning.

Basher Science Games, Books, and Toys for Kids

The next game is pretty much like a Memory Match game. This one seems better for retaining some science knowledge as you read the names (and numbers) to remember who is where.

In this game, you don’t have all the cards out at once, and rotate new cards in.

Basher Science Games, Books, and Toys for Kids

Finally, you can get packs of the chemistry toy figurines based off the illustrations in the Basher Science books like this one below, the Atom.

Basher Science Games, Books, and Toys for Kids

Toys + games + books! I think Basher’s on to something here to make learning fun for kids.

Basher Science Games, Books, and Toys for Kids

And if you haven’t seen it, you should check out the Basher Periodic Table of Elements with the same super cute and informative characters. Download here.

Basher Science Games, Books, and Toys for Kids

Click here to see all the products or go to Amazon.

Disclosure: I was sent a free sample of the book, game, and toys. All opinions are my own.

Cool Basher Science Books, Games, and Toys for Kids

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