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Learning apps for kids are a solid choice for summer learning options. Researchers say that the best educational apps are:

  • ENGAGING –not overly distracting
  • MEANINGFUL to a child’s life
  • SOCIAL to include parents and peers

Do you agree?

Here’s a list of new apps your kids might enjoy this summer . . .

Spring 2015 Learning Apps for Kids

counting kingdom
The Counting Kingdom
Add the numbered monsters and select the correct answer. Each level gives you a new spell. Fun!

Imagination Playground educational app
Imagination Playground
Drag blocks, twist and turn, to make your own playground. This is moderately interesting to us, maybe it would be more appealing to those with building skills.

Love to Count 2 educational app
Love to Count 2 Times Tables and Fractions 
We really love the variety of activities and games in this charming medieval app that give kids practice with multiplication and division facts as well as fraction practice in three levels of difficulty. Plus, we always love British accents. 🙂

Mikeys Shapes educational app
Mikey’s Shapes Sing Along $2.99
Sing about the shapes, make your own recordings, and play fun games. I didn’t download this but it looks great.

Star Walk educational app
StarWalk Kids
This is FANTASTIC and in my opinion, better than the original StarWalk!! Just like the more advanced StarWalk, this StarWalk aligns with your location and it’s night sky. However, the image is cartoon-ish drawings. Shows you the night sky with the constellations and their names – so Cassiopeia is a woman. Then you can press on the name of the constellation and learn the stars in it and perfect for non readers, you can listen to the story of the origin of the constellation. LOVE!

magical mental math educational app
Magical Mental Math FREE
In this wizarding world, players use addition or subtraction to make the number provided — it’s a decent way to get kids thinking and solving problems.

mystery word town
Mystery Word Town 
– Sight Word Spelling $2.99
To travel through this old-time western town, collect a letter  and spell a sight word. A narrator reads the sight word which has a blank space. You must pick one of the letters you’ve collected to finish the word with one space. Also, players must find the gold pieces and catch the outlaws. My only complaint is that the word flashes too fast for reading reinforcement but my daughter really enjoyed playing it.

motion math cupcake educational app
Motion Math Cupcake!
My daughter loves cupcakes so this was a must-own for us. And it’s a big hit! You get a cupcake shop and start with $50. In your job you have to go to the market to buy ingredients, bake your own cupcake designs, choose a name for the cupcakes, pick a price, sell them, and deliver them (quickly.) Customers can complain so you have to work hard to get the price and service just right. Lots of learning in math and budgeting!!

Hairy Phonics educational app
Hairy Phonics $2.99
Save the Hairies by learning phonemes, tracing letters, and blending sounds. Cute!

Simple Machine educational app
Simple Machines by Tinybop $2.99
This new graphically stylized STEM app lets kids practice six simple machines (levers, pulleys, inclined planes, wedges, wheel and axels, and screws) to complete tasks like sending satellites into orbit, lifting fish tanks, and more. We think it’s fun and while not particularly complicated (like it would be if you put the simple machines together to build a Rube Goldberg), it’s a good introduction.

Fun French educational app
Fun French 
(Studycat) Free, $9.99
This is a GREAT app to learn beginning French. The first lesson with games on colors is free and the rest are purchased. I think it’s worth it but my kids think I’m soooo annoying when I walk around trying to mimic my new French vocabulary. 🙂

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some of these look fun! -- new learning apps for kids spring 2015

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