Activity Books Beat Boredom

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Affiliate Links Sometimes all we need is a spark to get our brains out of boredom into engagement. Interesting activity book can be just that spark of inspiration! These are great for travel, sick days, bad weather days, or as an alternative to technology.

Activity Books Beat Boredom

Activity Books Beat Boredom
Stuck on Fun! Play with Patterns, Sticker Tape, & More!
by Jannie Ho
Punch out the sturdy cardboard animal characters in this activity book then use the provided stencils, sticker tape, and patterned paper to make outfits designed especially for the animals.

Activity Books Beat Boredom
Find Your Way Under the Sea
and Find Your Way In the Jungle by Paul Boston
These activity books are packed with learning and activities for preschool-age kids. Not only are you trying to complete the maze but you’re also looking for items, answering map questions (coordinates), and answering math questions (who live in the hut with three windows?). I like that depending on how you go through the maze, there’s not a right ending point — no matter where you finish, you’re prompted to go to another page almost like a choose your own adventure book. Lots of details to notice in these colorful illustrations — no boredom here!
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Activity Books Beat Boredom
Moana 100 Images to Inspire Creativity

We hear GREAT things about this movie — it’s on our list to see over the holiday break. I really like this corresponding coloring book because it’s not just images from the story but also cool tribal designs.
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Activity Books Beat Boredom paint-by-sticker
Paint by Sticker Kids: Zoo Animals
by Workman Publishing
Isn’t this a clever idea? Find the right stickers and use them to create a zoo animal.
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Activity Books Beat Boredom
Awesome Minecraft Activity Book
by MC Steve
Minecraft fans are going to LOVE this book filled with 70 pages of crosswords, step-by-step drawing ideas, mazes, dot-to-dots, word searches, coloring pages, and lots more! What a great book! (You might also like Coloring Book for Minecraft Fans, Stampy’s Lovely Bookand Chapter Books for Minecraft Fans.)

Activity Books Beat Boredom
Animal Adventures SHARKS

This has everything for learning and playing — a book, predator fact cards, 3-D models of sharks you can build, a diorama to make with reusable stickers, and six plastic sharks. Talk about beating boredom!

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