New Easy Chapter Books for Growing Readers

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If your growing readers ages 6 to 9 need an infusion of new book ideas, here are ten new beginning chapter books to choose from.

Some don’t seem like chapter books because they’re graphic novels, but the gist is that there are separate stories or events within the larger book.

I don’t have stars on this post because I’m using a new WordPress editor (Gutenberg) and can’t figure how to insert the stars quite yet. If I did star my favorites on this list, they would be Doggo and Pupper, The Sleepover, Going Up, and Princess Evie.

The Sleepover and Other Stories (Fox + Chick) by Sergio Ruzzier
The Fox & Chick series continues with another very funny book of stories illustrated with cartoon panels and dialogue bubbles about two best friends, Fox and Chick, each who has very different personalities which are totally lovable. Fox is serious and kind while Chick is goofy and playful. In this group of stories, they have a sleepover where Chick is scared of kangaroos but needs his stuffed kangaroo to sleep. Fox is puzzled by this. In another story, Chick asks Fox for a surprise birthday party — which is hilarious because it turns out that it’s not even Chick’s birthday.
ADDED TO: Easiest Easy Chapter Books for 6 and 7-Year-Olds

Baloney and Friends Going Up! by Greg Pizzoli
Another hilarious graphic novel for growing readers about a group of friends with distinct personalities. From writing a theme song to sleepovers to thinking deep thoughts, this book of stories showcases characters you can’t help but love including Baloney the pig, Bizz the bumblebee, Peanut the horse, and Krabbit the rabbit. Plus, read directions for drawing the characters with emotions in the back.
ADDED TO: Best Books for Kids Ages 7 (2nd Grade)

Princess Evie by Sarah Kilbridge
Before Princess Evie starts a new class at school, she and her magical pony, Willow, and cat, Sparkles, help the fairies on their first day of school. She partners with a new friend to rescue a baby hedgehog. Kids will love the combination of horses, magic, and friendship in a wonderful adventure story.
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Blue, Barry, & Pancakes by Dan & Jason
This graphic novel adventure begins with a beach ball. Blue the worm doesn’t want to share the beach ball with Barry and Pancakes because of what inevitably happens– they lose it. (Well, it’s swallowed by a whale.) The misadventures continue a silly cause & effect story, where one disaster leads to another even into outer space and a volcano but ends with a sweet celebration of friendship.
ADDED TO: Best Books for Kids Ages 7 (2nd Grade)

Doggo & Pupper by Katherine Applegate, illustrated by Charlie Alder
Readers will adore this darling, heartwarming friendship story with repetition, minimal text, and illustrations that narrate much of the story. Doggo’s life is the same old thing –that is, until Pupper comes along. At first, Doggo is annoyed by Pupper’s energetic antics but when Pupper returns from obedience school and is a diminished, unhappy version of himself, Doggo just wants the old Pupper back. And he knows just what to do…
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Dragon Girls: Azmina the Gold Glitter Dragon by Maddy Mara
Three girls learn that they’re Glitter Dragon Girls and with magic, teamwork, and turning into dragons, they must protect the forest from the Shadow Sprites. Together, they embark on a quest like no other — in their dragon forms. They must problem solve and figure out how to work together. A solid start in a new series.
ADDED TO: Best Books for Age 8 (3rd Grade)

Fitz and Cleo by Jonathan Stutzman, illustrated by Heather Fox
Want a new graphic novel for readers around ages 8 to 10? In this new book, two ghost siblings adopt a cat, go to the beach, play baseball, and more. Silliness abounds in the stories but their heartwarming relationships steal the show.

Fly Guy Presents Scary Creatures! by Tedd Arnold
Anyone else have kids who love BOTH nonfiction and the Fly Guy series? Get 5 books in 1 in this large-sized book filled with these level 2 titles: Sharks, Dinosaurs, Insects, Bats, and Snakes. Fly Guy and Buzz visit places like the aquarium or the museum to learn about different creatures. Colorful drawings and photographs illustrate the topics about which they’re learning with an appealing layout. The text of facts and conversation bubbles are just-right and comprehensible for growing readers.
ADDED TO: Nonfiction Books for Age 6 and Nonfiction Books for Age 7

The Fabled Stables Trouble with the Tattle-Tails by Jonathan Auxier, illustrated by Olga Demidova
Book two in the series, Auggie’s adventures in caring for magical creatures continue…this time, the Tattle-Tail. When the Tattle-Tail arrives, they attach actual tails to the people in the village and then, loudly tattle. The colorful, feathery tails are so distracting with their tattling that robbers easily steal the village’s pot of gold. Can Auggie and his friends save the village from the robbers and detach the tails from the villagers?

Mia Mayhem Steals the Show! by Kara West, illustrated by Leeza Hernandez
In this the 8th book in a fantastic series, Mia flops during her regular-school auditions so she gets the non-speaking part of a tree. But she hopes to make up for her failings at her superhero school — but that doesn’t go well either until she and her teammates learn to work together. At school, she helps the star of the play face her fears and then, unexpectedly must step in when the star gets sick. Mia’s a kind kid who is always learning and growing.


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