10 Things You Must Know for an IEP Meeting

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10 things you must know for an IEP meeting

written by Doug Goldberg of Special Education Advisor.

It’s Back-to-School and time for your IEP meetings.

Here are the top ten tips to remember for your IEP Meetings:

10.  Organize, Organize, and Organize;

Make sure you have all IEP’s, assessments and medical diagnoses together in one three ring binder.  This way you can refer back to them during the IEP meeting.

9.    Bring snacks;

IEP meetings can be long and nothing breaks the ice with the other team members like a nice cookie!

8.    Assess in all areas of suspected disability;

Parents have the right to request assessments other than the ones the School District has suggested.

7.    Request assessment copies prior to the meeting;

This way you can review the materials and participate in the IEP in a productive manner.

6.    Stay calm and bring your spouse or a friend;

Parents are often considered too emotional by the School District which can be used against the parent.  It is helpful to have someone else listen to confirm your understanding of what is being discussed and offered.

5.    Eligibility does not drive services;

Once your child is eligible for special education, they must receive services in all areas of need.  Don’t let the School District tell you they can’t provide a service because of your child’s eligibility.  The School District must provide all related services pertaining to their educational needs.

4.    If you disagree with an assessment ask for an IEE;

An Independent Educational Evaluation must be provided at the public school’s expense.  If a parent requests an IEE, the School District must either say yes or take the parents to due process and explain to a hearing officer why the assessments the school provided were adequate.

3.    Bring people with you that have specialized knowledge;

Parents have the right to invite participants to the IEP meeting that have specialized knowledge about their child.  This could include advocates, attorneys, behaviorists, psychologists, etc.  The School District personnel will outnumber you and it can become very intimidating.  Level the playing field as much as possible.

2.    Don’t feel pressured to sign the IEP that day; and

Always review the IEP before signing.  If you don’t feel comfortable reviewing the IEP at the meeting, take it home and give yourself time to read it carefully!

1.    You can disagree with any and all of the IEP offer.

If you disagree with any part of the IEP please add your comments to the parent’s concerns section and formally disagree with the parts of the offer you don’t like.  Once you disagree, there are a number of informal and formal options that you as parents can pursue.

Reprinted with author’s permission.

Special Education Advisor.com is a community of parents, educators, and special education service providers dedicated to helping families with special education needs children understand their special education rights and receive appropriate special education services.

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  1. Bring your positive attitude! IEP meetings are not a battle, not us against them. It’s a group trying to figure out the best program for your child.

  2. My daughter will be receiving her first IEP this year. The kit would help me become organized and ready!

  3. I wuld love o winthis i am newto IEPs mydaughter is in her second year an i think schol screwed me fistyeari thoughttey hd my daughtes bestintrestin hearbut they wantto save$ atany costsoicanusal thehelp i can get

  4. Don’t hesitate to ask to add a specific goal to your child’s IEP. This is a team effort, an individualized plan, and if there is something you think the school can help you accomplish in your child’s best interest, add it!

  5. What a great kit. Being new to having an IEP for my son this would help out a lot.