Yoga Videos for Kids

Imagine a story that while children listened, they moved along with the action? That is the concept behind Move With Me Action Adventures, a series of yoga videos about Scooter and Boy. We know from brain research that movement improves cognitive function. But, sometimes it’s hard to get our kids to move enough! The Action Adventures DVDs engage children in movement while building listening skills, literacy foundations, strength, flexibility, and even social skills. I’m a huge fan because I love them as much as my girls do!

Yoga Videos for Kids

Yoga Videos for Kids

Each video is 25 – 30 minutes and includes movements form yoga, Brain Gym, PE standards and educational research. Plus, the stories teach social-emotional lessons like belly breathing, drink water, and eat fruits and vegetables. I love the way the teacher speaks with kindness and warmth. She’s amazing.

Yoga Videos for Kids

The yoga adventures are told by our  instructor, Wendy Piret, who captivates her audience, us, with a story while we move with her. In the Body Series, the first strength story, The Birthday Gift, tells about the Boy who gets the best birthday gift ever, a Scooter. She tells how the boy rides it and we ride along, pushing our legs out. Then, we become the tree that the Scooter is leaned against and forgotten. What will become of the Scooter? Will Boy return? Watch Scooter & Me ~ The Birthday Gift from Move With Me on Vimeo.

Yoga Videos for Kids

Yoga Videos for Kids
The next story is Monkeying Around at the Zoo and helps with flexibility. Monkey wants to learn what makes each animal special so he climbs out of his cage and we climb, too, and visits each animal. We learn how the giraffes nibble leaves waaaay up in the tall trees, and we nibble the leaves. And how the tortoise is special because he can tuck up into his own protective shell and we practice being tortoise. But, what makes monkey special? Will he find out?

Yoga Videos for Kids

Yoga Videos for Kids
Possum’s Tai
l is the third video about balance, a story that both my girls love. I watched them follow along with the story, unaware how much movement they were doing, and trying to figure out what would happen next. They both were totally engaged!

The next series, the Mind Series, is also 3 DVDs: Lost and Found in Africa about Character, Robot Makes a New Friend on the Moon about curiosity, and Set Sail about Choices.

Finally, the Heart Series DVDs include: Tortoise, Hare and Dragon about perseverance, Coral Reef about acceptance, and A Beautiful Dream about relationship.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the other yoga skills the DVDs teach, each DVD features one of the following lessons:

Yoga Videos for Kids

I recently spoke with Leah Kalish, creator of Move With Me Action Adventures and found out that she has extensive experience as an educator, yoga teacher and trainer. Among other things, she co-authored the Planet Decks for Barefood Books and is the featured instructor in Gaiam’s Yoga Fitness for Kids videos. She’s also available to train teachers or give presentations. This company is a work of love and her passion and I encourage you to spread the word and get her product, it’s really exceptional.

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  1. says

    We keep active by making boring chores into games, going to the park, playing in our yard, pulling weeds etc. We also do videos like MoveNGroove, Elmocize etc. So much fun!

  2. Wendy says

    My kids LOVE to move, I need the energy to keep up with them, lol. Every afternoon it’s outside play time and even in the 100 degree heat of Texas they run, jump and climb all over our backyard (granted there is usually sprinklers or pools involved :-). In the mornings we sometimes take family bike rides when daddy is not traveling. Even just nature hikes are popular with my crew. They’ll collect things along our walk then we do some nature craft with our treasures once we get back.

  3. says

    Terrific post. The simple narrative of your experience with your girls and our Move with Me videos was delightful. I’m so pleased that you like them and impressed with the time you spent reviewing. Leah is a pretty amazing individual and her work, pulling together a team of creative and independent writers, instructors, and artists to produce an award winning kids yoga DVD series, reflects that.

  4. says

    They look fantastic and I know my daughter would love them. We keep moving by getting out of the house each day – outside to play, out in our neighborhood, out to visit friends. My daughter also attends a kindy gymnastics class each week which she absolutely loves so I know these DVDs would be popular.

  5. Mandy says

    We keep moving on the trampoline, at the playground across the road, by doing obstacle courses (indoors on a rainy day) and doing brain gym.

  6. Patricia E says

    I try anything to get my girls moving. We go outside to run around every change we get. When the weather is bad outside…we like to dance or even build an obstacle course. We each get turns doing follow the leadear throught it. It is so much fun. It gets us moving and laughing.

  7. Summer says

    Our chores keep us active and our house clean! We also practice ninja moves (my 5 year old is teaching me:)


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