Shifting Stones Strategy Game (Mensa Winner!)

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Gamewright’s Shifting Stones game for kids was one of five games to receive the official Mensa Select seal in 2022! We recently reviewed the game (sent to us by Gamewright — thank you!). We think you’re going to want Shifting Stones for 1 to 5 players in your game rotation this summer!

I played this game with my 17 year old and we agree that it will be perfect for younger kids. The box says age 8 and up. We think between 7- and 12-year-olds will love this game but we enjoyed it despite being slightly above the suggested age range.

Besides being an engaging strategy game, you’ll develop your visual/spatial skills and long-term planning.

And, a big POSITIVE for this game is that it takes less than five minutes to learn!

(We’ve recently resorted to instructional videos for longer, more complex games which means your game play can’t start for quite some time.)

The goal of Shifting Stones is to win cards and points by moving the 9 titles to match a card in your hand. You can flip over or switch the tile stones during your moves as long as you discard a card. (The backs of the tiles are different colors.)

Your goal is to match a card in your hand to the tiles on the game board. Then, you win the card (aka. keep it in front of you) and get its points at the end.  You can see the won cards surrounding the tiles in the photo above.

See how the card below has a blue and red tile next to each other? When you get the stone tiles on the table to match as they do below, you can keep that card and earn one point.

Once any player has won ten cards, tally everyone’s points to see who wins the game.

So if you need an easy-to-learn, quick-to-play (20 minutes) strategy game for ages 7 and up, we recommend Shifting Stones!

shifting stones strategy game for kids


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