Nancy Drew Chapter Book App

If you have an iPad, you’ve probably found that chapter books are lacking and often poor in quality. So you’re going to want to know about the best chapter book – hands down – for the iPad, is Nancy Drew Mobile Mysteries: Shadow Ranch from Her Interactive. It’s is available on the App Store for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Watch the trailer here.

Nancy Drew Chapter Book App

Part game and part story, this interactive gamebook app lets players choose the story line by answer questions to direct the plot. As they read, they also play games and solve mysteries. Most importantly, they READ!

Nancy Drew Chapter Book App

My 9 year old daughter, AJ, highly recommends this Nancy Drew app for everyone. She’s never before liked books in the mystery genre but this Nancy Drew app book changed her mind. I was thrilled.

AJ says she likes that . . .Nancy Drew Chapter Book App

  • the words in orange give you a fact about the word that is highlighted.
  • the words in green make the sound that the word describes.
  • you can read at night because it glows – it can be bright or you can dim in.
  • you can make the print bigger so you can see it better.
  • you get to choose what to do like these choices at the end of one chapter — go see bats with Dave or look for scorpions with Dallas or sing songs with Shorty or stargaze with Uncle Ed and Suzanne.
  • unlock mini-mysteries that you can do.
  • click on pictures and they make a sound.
  • also has music and sound effects while you’re reading — like ghostly sounds.

The Nancy Drew Mobile Mysteries: Shadow Ranch App is available for $2.99 (iPhone and iPod touch) or $9.99 (HD version for iPad) from the App Store on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, or at


  1. LynnK says

    Thanks for the great suggestion! DD struggles with reading, so anything to make it attractive is great! I’m downloading now (8 minutes! Must be a lot packed in there.) The HD version is now $4.99.


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