My Favorite Beginning Reading Apps

Since it’s confession week, here’s another one. My new solution to sneaking in some writing time — educationa apps. I can get an article started, or a blog post written, or dinner made and JJ can do something educational on the iPad. I’m allowing JJ to do reading apps since that’s an important skill she’s learning now.

The only minus is sometimes my husband thinks the iPad is for his business. Weird, I don’t know where he got that idea.

Scroll down to see  today’s FirstWords 24 hour SALE and enter to win one of the First Word apps.

Reading Apps

Bob Books #1 – Reading Magic (Learning Touch)

I really like this reading app and so does JJ. Each page shows the sentence and a black and white drawing. Then, the child must spell the individual word, when she clicks on the letter, the letter and sound are said. Then, when the word is spelled, the letters, sounds and word are all said again and the objects gets colored in. If you spell all the words, the whole page gets color. Great for beginning readers!

Reading Apps

Reading Apps

Reading Apps

First Words: Animals (Learning Touch)

Reading Apps

First Words: At Home (Learning Touch)

Reading Apps

Learning Touch will be placing all reading app editions (Deluxe, Animals, Vehicles, At Home, German, French, Spanish and Japanese) of First Words on sale for only $.99 cents for 24-hours on Wednesday, May 4th. BUY First Words on iTunes for $.99.

Word Wall HD (Punflay)

I like the progression from beginning letters to beginning words and all the different learning activities such as “see and find” and “jigsaw words.” When you play the writing words, you can pick what word family you want to work on which is great for reading.

Reading Apps

Reading Apps

Giveaway: Lots of winners today – Learning Touch is giving away FirstWords: Animals, FirstWords: At Home, and FirstWords: Vehicles! Comment below to win one of these apps by May 6, 2011.
Don’t forget to shop the Learning Touch $.99 sale on all the FirstWord apps May 4, 2011 only!

Reading Apps

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  • Erin Ropelato

    My girls love playing with apps like these on my phone. Thanks!

  • Jen

    I’ll have to check these out for my 6 year old! They look great.

  • Rosin Feldman

    I have learning touch 99vent apps and would appreciate anything you have to offer. I have 2 autistic grandchildren and see them daily

  • Cindy

    I use the Vehicle app but would love to try other ones!

  • Brandy

    I will have to try these out with my boys. They look great!

  • Kelly

    These sound great! Would love to try them out!

  • toni

    My daughter would love these apps. My husband and I rarely see the Ipad as it is, so apps that are educational are a must have.

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  • Suzanne

    I would love to give one of these a try.

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  • Hallie

    These look great! Thanks!

  • Amanda C

    Count me in!

  • Sue

    Looking forward to getting some of these… Wish I’d seen the sale prices sooner.

  • Erin

    Just found this site – love the reviews. Would love to win a first words app

  • Toni

    Thank you so much. We won the First Words Animals app and my daughter loves it. My son is only 3 months old but he smiles at the pictures, never to early to start a love of reading.

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