Get Your Kids Started Writing a Blog

If you have a child who hates to write (like me,) how about encouraging that child to write a blog?

Even if you don’t we always need ideas to provide fun opportunity for writing.

Get Your Kids Started Writing a Blog

Before you freak out and stop reading, let me tell you this — you can keep a child’s blog private and password protected.

Some blog platforms for kids are:, Kidzworld, and Kidswirl.

Personally, I recommend using It’s free and easy to set up.

Another resource for kid blogs is, a website for kids under 13, parents, and/or teachers interested in blogging as an educational tool. Watch her free videos on blogging here.

Examples of Kid Blogs

Kids Writers Club for kids and by kids

Eight Thumbs Up blog of reviews by four siblings

Reading Tween

Classroom Blogs

My teacher friend, Diane Dahl, began blogging with her classroom with amazing success. Read her recent post about it here.

Kelly of iLearn Technology writes about all the uses of blogging in the classroom here.

Get Your Kids Started Writing a BlogThe website Teacher Challenge gives teachers some ideas of ways to use blogging in the classroom such as pen pals and book clubs.

Another website, Web 2.0 Classroom, gives 33 ways to use blogs for educational purposes. I like her ideas for art projects, children reviewing books, and supplemental videos or podcasts.

Here are some examples of classroom blogs you might like:

Thaler Scholars

The Electronic Pencil

Mrs. Hartman’s Classroom

Chicken Scratch

East Dragon Den

Open the Door to B4

What do you think about kids blogging?

Do you think it will encourage more writing?

Do you think you’ll try it?


  1. Mary Prather says

    My daughter keeps a blog as part of our Homeschool activities…she is nine and loves to write for it – it is a real motivator. Enjoyed the post and links today!

  2. says

    Thanks for the shout out! Blogging with kids has been incredible in my experience. I have blogged with first through eighth grade students. Not only is it a great opportunity for kids, it gives teachers so much insight into our students!

  3. Mom2QnJ says

    Forgive me for playing devil’s advocate here. How much of a concern is Internet safety on kid blogs? I understand there privacy settings, etc.— but once info, registration info & a ‘vulnerable’ kid’s (or adults’) thoughts are on the web, it’s not too difficult to trace their http address (and location) for a highly motivated hacker or (hfb) a child predator. Just saying’. Looking forward to your responses. Thanks for posting!

    • says

      I think it’s a great question, and I’m not sure I know exactly. It’s still so new. I’d always be monitoring my child’s blog and use privacy settings, even a fake name. I think the biggest issue right now is Facebook but that’s just what I know about.

      Anyone else?


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