Kids Gift Guide for MATH and SCIENCE

Kids Gift Guide for MATH and SCIENCE

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Fat Brain Toys Reptangles | $24.90 | Ages 6 +

Flip, slide, turn, connect, combine, build with Fat Brain’s newest construction toy! Clever, colorful turtles snap & slide together in over 100 incredible ways! Each set of 24 Reptangles comes with a full-color bonus activity book with 80+ puzzles to encourage young minds to explore the world of geometry, design & construction.

Fat Brain Toys

Blue Orange Games Sumoku | $14.50 | Ages 9 +

Sumoku is a unique crossword-style game with numbers that can be played five different ways. Players add up the tiles to multiples of a number shown on the die. Once all the tiles are connected together, it’s a sumoku.

Blue Orange Games

The Solar System – Set of 8 puzzleballs | $45.36 | Ages 8+

Solar System Puzzleball set is a unique puzzling experience- the next generation in puzzles. Ages 9 and up can learn about the solar system. Made of curved, sturdy plastic pieces. No glue required. Underside of each piece is conveniently numbered. Comes with a plastic base stand for each planet, fishing line for hanging, informational booklet and poster.


PigzUp | $24.99 | Ages 4 +


When two cards match, players race to stack up wooden piggies according to the number on the card with the right color on top. The first player to build a stable pile of piggies discards their card and wins the round. PigzUp! builds counting and color recognition skills.

Marbles the Brain Store

Educational Rap: Science, Math, Social Studies, Language Arts |  All Ages


Award-winning songs for teaching are packed with standards-based music for middle school students. All education songs are appropriate for school and the classroom learning, particularly favorites like Lab Safety, the 44 Presidents rap song, and Figurative Language.

Educational Rap

Sniffles |   $14.95  |  All Ages


Sniffles(R) is the first GIANTmicrobe(R) with sound in the company’s collection of nearly 100 microbes, germs, cells and critters.

All are modeled on actual electron micrographs, enlarged a million times actual size and interpreted in cuddly plush or sturdy vinyl, in bright colors with a few touches to add personality; each toy has a tag with an image of the actual germ and some basic clinical information.

Giant Microbes

Umbra Wobble Chess Set |  $249.99  | Ages 8 +

Designed by industrial designer Adin Mumma, this striking chess set features pieces with decidedly simple curves and a wobbly base atop an ironic surface of maple and cherry wood. Your coffee table and brain would approve.


Nanodots Original | $29.95 | Ages 10 +

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Nanodots are the most amazing thing to happen to magnets, geometry and math since… since the invention of magnets, geometry, and math. Nanodots use properties of geometry and magnetism to encourage exploration and reinforce mathematical concepts in young minds.

Steve Spangler Science

Magna-Tiles | $51.50 | Ages 4 +

For young minds, taking flat pieces and constructing 3-D objects with them is a new and exciting discovery. Magna-Tiles attract on all sides, even when flipped around. Children explore geometric shapes, symmetry, and other basic math concepts with these colorful pieces.


The Book of Potentially Catastrophic Science 50 Experiments for Daring Young Scientists | $10.04 | 9 +

Packed with science experiments galore and explanations of daring leaps of science throughout history.


GIANTmicrobes® Dr. Larkin Vinyl Figure   | $12.95 |  Ages 4 +

GIANTmicrobes® Vinyl Figures are a new line of collectible toys based on the GIANTmicrobes® animated characters. Each collectible figure comes packaged with an animation flip book and action-pose sticker


MorphoScope Sports of All Sorts  | $19.99 |  Ages 5 – 14

Introduce your child to optical physics. Kids have to find and crayon morphed shapes on the distorted coloring pages to make color appear in the right place in the reflections, complete the morphed picture, connect the morphed dots, create their own morphed drawing, navigate a morphed maze, etc.  You get it!  Mind-blowing fine motor fun!

Ooz & Oz


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