Who is In Charge of Celebrating the Ordinary?

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I try to live with gratitude, present in the moment. When I’m successful (and I’m not always) I remember that it’s not the big things in life, it’s small moments that mean the most– a snuggle with my kids, skipping to the playground, silly dancing in the living room, shopping by myself at Target.

To be grateful for everyday blessings, why not celebrate them? Why not find someone in your family who wants to be in charge of celebrations? In our family, it’s JJ. Here are some of her recent celebrations.

Lost Tooth Day!

Zebra Day

Make-up-you-own-rules-to-Monopoly Day

Cha-Cha Slide Day
*download Cha-Cha Slide on iTunes

Bubble Day

Celebrate the extraordinary in the ordinary with Byrd Baylor’s beautiful picture book, I’m in Charge of Celebrations.

Who will be in charge of celebrations at your house? And what will you celebrate?

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  1. Thanks for the reminder. Although my kids are grown, I can very much relate to your examples. These days my old dog helps me to slow down and appreciate the ordinary, especially as we go on our daily walks. I can no longer view these walks as exercise, as I did when she and I would go 2 miles or more in a combination of brisk walking and jogging. Now, if I hurry her, she’ll stumble, and about a half block is all she can do. So I look around and notice my neighbor’s gardens, stop to check the progress on a nearby construction project, admire the robin gliding across my path and the butterflies visiting the flowers. All so very lovely and ordinary.

  2. Having little kids definitely helps me to remember to celebrate the little things. The other day I was just with some friends, and I blurted out, “Oh awesome! A huge UPS truck!” I was so accustomed to celebrating vehicles with my son, that I actually started being excited myself. Needless to say, my friends thought I’m pretty easy to please. 🙂