Make Your Playful Life Easier: Kiwi Crate

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If you’re a family that loves creative play and learning, you’ll love Kiwi Crate. Hours of fun per dollar spent, it’s an investment that really is worth your money.

I love it because of . . .

  • clear, kid-friendly directions.
  • engaging and interesting to my kids of different ages.
  • plenty of supplies –you can do the activities several times over.
  • high-quality materials.

Look at these easy-to-follow directions from an activity in the Colors crate:

We followed the directions to make stained glass window art. Both my kids LOVED this activity.


Included in the kit were blue glasses. The kids put them on to figure out what happens. Whoa!

Next the girls made lots of colorful designs for the wooden spinning tops.

The point was to change the colors, shapes, and patterns to observe. AWESOME! The kids continue to make new designs days later. And, these tops spun forever!

The last activity in the Color crate was to make a tie-dye bag.

The wet canvas and eye dropper helped the tissue paper bleed into the material, creating a beautiful design. So cute, right?

Kiwi Crate online has more about colors — experiments, crafts, links, and books. Thanks to their links, we’re now addicted to the They Might Be Giant’s “Roy G. Biv” song!!

GIVEAWAY – Wand or Comet

Kiwi Crate is generously offering Imagination Soup readers either a FREE wand or a FREE comet with a subscription. Click through to the link to claim your gift and to sign up.


If you’re interested, here are the Kiwi Crate shopping options.

Select and buy one gift Kiwi Crate for $19.95. Buy a monthly Kiwi Crate subscription, $19.95 / month, $220 / year.

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6 Responses

  1. Kimberly Wilson says:

    I would love to do this type of art activities with my students…Maybe I will go to Michael’s and purchase the materials.

  2. Looks like a fun art kit for kids and parents. I’ll investigate the options and age ranges.

  3. Those art projects came out so beautifully. I love the idea of getting an art kit for my kids once a month!

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