Logic and Strategy Games Kids Love to Play

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Do you play games with your kids? Thinking games of logic and strategy not only are fun but they’ll develop valuable skills while you’re playing the games.

If you’re considering adding to your game collection, invest in kid favorite educational games like these that require children to use logic and strategy during game play.

I know you’ll love them.

Logic and Strategy Games for Kids

Guess Who? 
ages 6+
Two players, deductive reasoning, communication, and fun! Try to guess your opponent’s mystery player. This game is a kid-favorite choice and a great introduction to deductive reasoning.

Robot Face Race Review - educational games
Robot Face Race

ages 4+
Shake the face to see what you must find. Then try to match the dice’s colors with the right face. It’s a tricky, entertaining, and great visual discrimination game for kids.

education games
Connect 4
ages 5+
Need a two-player game? Try this fun strategy game that is a favorite in our house.

Smart Games Squirrels Go Nuts
ages 6+
My kids think this is adorable (because squirrels!) but it’s also a super fun logic game. Plus, it’s portable and kids can play it by themselves. When playing, they’ll be developing both problem solving and spatial skills. The goal is to get the acorns into the holes and it’s trickier than you’d think!

gifts for 8 year old boys
Dr. Eureka!
ages 6+
My kids like this game so much. Kids try to match the challenge card using 3 test tubes, 6 colored balls, and NO HANDS. The first one done wins the card; the first person to get five cards wins.

Sherlock Express
ages 7+
Sherlock Express is great for both thinking and visual discrimination because kids use the alibi clue cards to eliminate suspects and find the culprit. THINKING. So much thinking. For example, if your kids turn over an alibi card picture of the library, it means that any of the suspects with a library background are eliminated as the culprit.

Shifting Stones

ages 7+
We love this fun engaging strategy game that will develop your visual/spatial skills and long-term planning.

Gravity Maze - Education Game for Children
Gravity Maze

ages 8+
Here’s a tricky one-person game that gets kids using their logic and visual-spatial skills with building and marbles. Can you do it?

13 Dead End Drive
ages 8+
If you like CLUE, you’ll love 13 Dead End Drive. Channel your inner murderous tendencies, knock off the other players, and inherit good old Aunt Agatha’s fortune.

Rush Hour - educational games for kids
Rush Hour
ages 8+
My kids play this so much, they’ve mastered all the levels. A cool logic and strategy game for one-person that we highly recommend.

Mastermind review logic games for kids

ages 8+
Two players. Strategy. Logic. Enthralling! (And was one of my favorites as a kid, too.)


Blokus game review logic and strategy educational games for kids
ages 7+
This is my personal favorite family strategy game — mostly because I love trying to beat my kids. They love this game, too, and let me win sometimes. Isn’t that nice?

ages 8+
My daughter says, “I love it. It’s a really good time passer.” Figure out how to get the marble through this challenging 3D maze.

logic and strategy games for kids

ages 7+
This classic game is not only still fun but makes kids think strategically! For two-players.

educational card games for kids
ages 10+
Use those visual discrimination skills to make sets of three (symbols, numbers, colors, and shading.) It’s a bit tricky to figure out until you see the examples in the directions.

Colorku game review

ages 8+
Similar to Sudoku but with colorful marbles on a wooden grid. The object of the game is to only have 1 of each color per each row, column, and 3×3 box. My kids enjoy playing these puzzles — and I’m always so amazed at how good they are at these visual logic games. Kids these days, right?! REVIEW HERE.

Settlers of Catan
The Settlers of Catan
ages 10+
Players must roll and trade for resources to build roads, settlements, and cities for points. The first to ten points wins. It’s easy to learn but strategy requires some practice.

Gobblet strategy game for children
ages 7+
Similar to Tic Tac Toe but harder to win. Gobblet play is “gobbling” up the other player’s wooden pieces so you get four in a row.

good strategy games for kids

ages 8+
If you love strategy and medieval French history, then this is the perfect family strategy game for you. Players strategize how to develop the area around the city tile by tile to build their power and dominance.

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  5. Very interesting information you provided. These games may be helpful in developing kids’ logical power. There are also so many apps which may be helpful for kids with the learning disability.