Here’s How to Teach Kids Fire Prevention Safety Right Now

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If you’re like me, you sometimes forget about the importance of fire prevention education.

DON’T be like me.

That’s why I’m writing this blog post.

To remind you to teach your children and students about fire prevention safety now!


Next week.

Because kids need tons of reminders.

Which we don’t do enough.

And when you’re reading, here’s the good news –I have great, high-quality resources to share that will make it easy for both parents and teachers to teach kids about fire prevention safety!

Since October is Fire Prevention Month and Fire Prevention Week 2019 is October 6 – 12, it’s a great time for a refresh of your fire prevention knowledge. (I actually just bought 4 more smoke detectors for my house just last week.)

Kids need to learn both about fire prevention as well as what to do in case of a fire.

Here’s How to Teach Kids Fire Prevention Safety Right Now

Use the resources from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) as your go-to source for Fire Prevention Week education. They offer videos, apps, and resources for parents and teachers for preschool through elementary school-aged kids.

So if you’re looking for videos, lesson plans, printables, take-homes, and fun apps for kids to learn important fire safety rules in an enjoyable way, look no further!


Where to Start

1. Sparky Schoolhouse

Start with Sparky Schoolhouse, the NFPA’s main resource for fire safety education. Look at this screenshot of the home page. See how you can easily navigate to videos, games, apps, activities, and more?
Sparky Schoolhouse
Since kids love to play videogames, we like to start with Sparky’s Fun House which is also in the”Games and Apps” section. I encourage you to sit with your kids as they play so you can discuss what they’re learning and doing.


For example, initially children must choose an outside meeting place in case of a fire — they can pick between a tree, lamppost, or mailbox. You’ll want to discuss this choice and tell everyone in the family.


Next, the kids get to navigate through the house to get out when the smoke alarm beeps. Of course, they’ll need to go to their outside meeting place.


Math- and circus-themed mini-games get unlocked when you do well on the previous games. These are fun for both for younger and older kids.


2. Sparky Schoolhouse’s Fire Prevention Videos

Teacher and parents, use the videos to help you cover all the important fire safety concepts.


I really love the cute storytime video about the dog Sparky; it will help get kids excited about what they’ll be learning.


But, I think the most educational videos are the “I Spy Fire Safety” (shown below) and the catchy songs from SteveSongs. In fact, I think you should watch these videos more than once!


Sparky Schoolhouse’s Fire Prevention Videos
And while we’re talking about the videos. Do your kids know that they should call 911 after they’re safely outside?
I might need to remind my kids more often just to be sure they don’t freeze up and do nothing. What about your kids and students?
When my kids were little, we practiced on pretend phones.
Maybe we all could practice calling 911 for pretend after singing this fun 911 song?
Sparky Schoolhouse’s Fire Prevention Videos
Educators, you’ll LOVE this anchor chart video below and its corresponding download. It’s brand new for 2019 and will help you teach the five important lessons that kids need to learn!


Sparky Schoolhouse’s Fire Prevention Videos

3. Sparky Apps 

What kid doesn’t love games and technology? These educational web-based apps are entertaining and educational, appealing to all children’s love for screens while still being of learning value.


Want to know my kids’ favorites? We have three.


Sparky’s Brain Busters
 Sparky's Brain Busters  Sparky's Brain Busters

This is a trivia game that tells you fire trivia then asks you questions in different categories including fire safety, math, and science.


Sparky’s Firehouse
 Sparky's Firehouse

The fun learning games in this app are perfect for preschool age students and children.


Sparky’s Fun House
Sparky's Fun House

Just like the web-based game with games that unlock as you progress, kids play carnival games while learning about fire safety.


4. from NFPA is filled with educational information for children, students, parents, teachers, and families. You’ll find learning activities, videos, and web-based games, some which you’ll recognize from Sparky Schoolhouse but scroll down to find something new and important –printables and lesson plans for all ages and grade levels. (Printables are in English and Spanish!)


In fact, there are tons of lessons with printables to go with the videos– it’s such a wealth of support for teachers and parents.
Below is a glimpse at the video “1-2-3-4 Order” which teaches the kids the steps to fire safety. They, teachers and parents can click on the PDF download to get directions for a lesson and activity


Aren’t these amazing resources?
Now go forth and talk to children! It’s like health or car insurance — you hope you never need it but you’ll be glad you do if something happens.


Stay safe.


Here's How to Teach Kids Fire Prevention Safety Right Now

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