Riddle Moo This Silly Riddle Game

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Kids can practice deductive reasoning with 300 fun riddles and animal-sound buzzers in the new game, Riddle Moo This A Stilly Riddle Word Game, from Learning Resources.

Riddle Moo This

Riddle Moo This

One player reads the clues for the others to guess. The first person to hit their buzzer and guess correctly wins the card.

sample card:

an animal
a bird
It says, “Gobble-gobble”
answer: turkey

sample card:
It can float
Filled with air
Can be attached to a string
answer: balloon

Fun, right?

My kids think the buzzers are awesome.

I think the thinking skills are awesome.


The game is recommended ages 5 and up but I think kids as young as 3 or 4 could play this game.

The winner is the first person to collect 10 cards.


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