Red Panda & Moon Bear Exclusive Page Excerpts

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Hitting shelves on April 12th, Cuban American super siblings are back to save the world in Red Panda & Moon Bear: The Curse of the Evil Eye. In this second book from the series, Red Panda & Moon Bear are getting even better at using their powers to protect the community…but has their luck just run out? With insightful dialogue on topics such as divorce, empathy, and environmentalism, it’s a must-read for middle-grade students.

Featuring diversity in characters and strong moral direction, kids are sure to connect to and learn from Red Panda and Moon Bear throughout their adventures to save the world!


Creator, Jarod Roselló writes:
I like to keep my pencil draft loose and kind of messy. I find that inking (or digital inking, in this case) makes different kinds of lines than pencils make. I don’t want to get stuck trying to emulate or recreate a pencil line. Instead, I want my pencils to act as a general guide for my inks, and I want my inking to feel like drawing rather than tracing. It helps keep each stage feeling fresh and exciting, but also allows me to make spontaneous or improvisational changes as I go.
If you look at these pages, you’ll notice that my pencils are geared more towards working out the visual composition of the panels, rather than specific design elements. On several pages you can even find small notes I’ve left to myself—corrections I don’t want to forget to make when I ink.



Jarod Roselló is a Cuban American cartoonist, writer, and educational researcher from Miami, Florida. His debut graphic novel, The Well-Dressed Bear Will (Never) Be Found, was published in 2015 by Publishing Genius Press. His chapbook, The Star, was the winner of the 2015 Epiphany Literary Magazine Chapbook Contest. His short fiction and comics have been published in The Rumpus, Hobart, Hayden’s Ferry Review, Sonora Review, and The Collagist, among other places. His childhood and educational research has been published in Bank Street Occasional Papers, International Review of Qualitative Research, and Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood. He teaches comics and fiction in the creative writing program at the University of South Florida.

RED PANDA & MOON BEAR Exclusive Page Excerpts


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