8 Creative and Easy Book Storage Ideas for Kids

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Need some ideas for creative book storage?

In our house, books are everywhere! For a long time, it felt like so many books, with so little storage.

But creative book storage can be easy and inexpensive while still looking cute. Here are my favorite 8 book storage ideas!

8 Creative Book Storage Ideas for Kids

8 Creative Book Storage Ideas for Kids

1.  Low, front-facing bookshelves are great for little hands! Bookshelves where books are stored with the spines facing out are tough for young children to navigate, and without bright book covers to catch their eyes, babies and toddlers might pass them right by. These bookcases are not very expensive from big box stores, or check your local parent groups or daycares and preschools that might be changing up their spaces to see if you can find one that needs a new home.

8 Creative Book Storage Ideas for Kids

2. Book bins are also fantastic because it’s like having a mobile library. I like to have a bin set up next to a cozy reading nook, but it’s great to be able to bring that bin to bedtime or into the bathroom (hello potty training!) if needed. Since they may not hold many books at once, it’s good to change up the contents every few weeks or months. I also like to have one that always houses the all-time favorites so they are easy to find. You can use any kind of bin or basket you have on hand, or even cardboard boxes with the top flaps cut off! Make it fancy by covering the cardboard in pretty paper or fabric.

8 Creative Book Storage Ideas for Kids

3. Tree bookshelves are so beautiful and can be a part of your child’s room forevermore since they can fit large collections of chapter books and graphic novels. There are so many versions of these, even ones for young children that fit board and picture books, but if you are handy you can make one yourself. Instructables has a DIY video all about it. https://www.instructables.com/Tree-Bookshelf-DIY/ The one pictured here is from Etsy shop BespOakInteriors.

4. Nursery shelves aren’t just for nurseries! I know these are often featured in nurseries since they look super cute displaying a few small books, but they can really be used for all ages. They fit board books just as well as a small novel or two and can be hung up right near a bedside for tweens and teens. It makes storing, and finding, the book they are reading right before bed so easy. Pictured here is the Bekvam spice rack from Ikea, which can hold so much more than spices!

8 Creative Book Storage Ideas for Kids

5. Bakers Racks or store display racks are fun and can work for all ages. My kids are six and three years old and both of them can use this kind of storage with ease. We happened to find a cool red display rack that an old store was throwing away and it is now home to chapter books, small games, and there’s even space to display a book we are currently reading. They are lightweight and can be moved easily, which means little hands can topple it, so you might need to anchor storage like this to a wall if you have curious mountain climbers in your house!

6. Hanging file folders make easy comic book storage. Ones that are color-coded can even help to organize small collections so teens can file away ones that have been read, are currently being read, and those to be read next all in different pockets. Hanging racks can also hold even more comic book collections and are usually a dime a dozen at thrift stores. I also love using them to house larger books, like those oversized picture books that never seem to fit on any shelf.

7. Milk crates are like book bins for older kids. They can be hung from hooks so they can be moved easily and are sturdy enough to hold heavier books, like textbooks. You can hang one in a bedroom that can be unhooked and carted off to a desk or kitchen table, where most schoolwork gets done at our house! This wooden one was another thing we scored from a store that was finished with it, but it is so sturdy and easy to tote around even when it is filled with books!


8. Vintage Suitcases are one of my all-time book storage faves for book (and toy) storage, especially in small spaces! When you want to put the books away, just close it up and tuck it in a corner where it will look cool and not like a pile of unruly board books about bears and jam. Older kids can use these too, and they can slip neatly under a bed or desk when not in use. Fantastic all around!


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