Don’t Forget to Read Nonfiction Books with Kids

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Often, when we think of children’s books, it’s fiction. But, nonfiction matters, too!  That’s why I always try to regularly share with you the best recently published nonfiction books. Here are my latest favorites. Cheers!



Don’t Forget to Read Nonfiction Books with Kids

I just love this series of introductory sports picture books. The layout is fantastic with eye-popping photos on colorful backgrounds and large text that is just right for young readers. You’ll learn about the entire game from the teams to the rules and moves. And, both men and women are represented in the photos which is awesome!


Don't Forget to Read Nonfiction Books with Kids  
The Hawk of the Castle: A Story of Medieval Falconry
by Danna Smith, illustrated by Bagram Ibatoulline (ages 5+)
Fascinating!! Danna Smith tells us about falconry from the perspective of a little girl whose father is a falconer. With this narrative, each page contains a small bit of interesting factual information. For example, on the page showing and describing how she and her father use a hood with fancy feathers so the hawk isn’t scared of the castle’s soldiers, there’s also a text box with more information about a hawk’s hood. The illustrations have just the right historical feel, too.


Don't Forget to Read Nonfiction Books with Kids
Find Your Way Underground
by Paul Boston (ages 5+)
Use the coordinates and your math skills in these underground illustrated mazes to find the missing gnomes and more. Collect objects on every page, too. So fun! (And it’s educational, too.)


Don't Forget to Read Nonfiction Books with Kids
Where Will I Live
by Rosemary McCarney (ages 4+)
Large photographs pair with short sentences and phrases showing people whose homes are no longer safe, fleeing to safety. But where will they live?  In a tent? Will it be hot and dry? Will there be friends? Questions will make kids understand the uncertainty refugees live with as they look for a new home. Photographs help kids see this is happening to real children in real life situations. Use this book to help your own children or students to empathize with children who are refugees. It’s really quite perfect for younger readers, not to mention important and timely. (Added to my big list of books about immigration.)


Don't Forget to Read Nonfiction Books with Kids  
Animals on the Move
(Animal Planet) by Dorothea DePrisco (ages 7+)
Get schooled with this fascinating book about animals. It focuses on the how and why these animals move as well as cool facts. For example, did you know the gnu moves in a zigzag pattern when in danger and kicks up a dust storm when it spars? Great for kids who love bite-sized facts about animals, or any nonfiction subject.


 Don't Forget to Read Nonfiction Books with Kids  
Baby Animals
(Animal Planet) by Dorothea DePrisco (ages 7+)
Gorgeous photos and interesting facts make this one of those books you can easily flip through to find the photos and interesting facts about young animals that you want to read. Plus, the cuteness factor is off the charts!


Heart-warming, amazing, and inspiring stories will touch you deeply, especially if you’re an animal lover. Stories plus fun sections on things like celebrity cats, making your cat feel at home, and cat body language. Small print and emotional stories make this a better fit for older readers — I’d say probably 10 and up.


Don't Forget to Read Nonfiction Books with Kids  
How to Be a Scientist (DK)
by Steve Mould (ages 9+)
This dense book is filled with cool information and fun hands-on activities that kids will love trying. You’ll find these categories: the natural world, human body, chemistry, Earth, physics, and space. Make bug chambers  in the natural world, do a taste test in the human body, test black ink in chemistry, make a solar tower in Earth, make paper airplanes in physics, and more! Impressive amount of ideas fill this DK nonfiction book.


Don't Forget to Read Nonfiction Books with Kids
The Dog Encyclopedia for Kids
by Tammy Gagne (ages 9+)
This book rocks! It’s one that any dog-lover would want on their book shelf. The layout is appealing and the information organized and written with kids in mind meaning it’s not too wordy while being factual and interesting with each breed gets 1 or 2 pages devoted to it and accompanying colorful photos.


This book look like a pampering paradise for your DIY interests. Cinnamon Vanilla Whipped Body Butter? Yes, please. Or the ribbon headband and dry shampoo? From body to hands, feet, face, and hair, this book will give you lots of ideas to easily create your own home spa.



Don't Forget to Read Nonfiction Books with Kids

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