What’s a Good Book for a New Reader?

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What is a good book for your new reader to read? How about 8!? These new easy readers just hit the shelves. I think you’ll find them entertaining for your growing readers to read. Repeatedly. 🙂


What’s a Good Book for a New Reader?

Jan Thomas is one of my favorite authors because her stories are always hilarious kid-favorites and her illustrations are captivating! This new book in her early reader series is no exception. Bold graphic illustrations capture the comedic fear of the animals who describe what they are all running from. Which turns out to be . . . well, you’ll see when you read it. Get ready to giggle!


The farm animals are quite annoyed to find the pest (a gopher) eating all their vegetables. What will they do? This is a cute story with cartoon-like illustrations paired with simple text, perfect for very beginning readers.


What's a Good Book for New Readers?
The Good for Nothing Button
by Charise Mericle Harper
Buttons that press down (not for your clothes) are just so tempting. Even if said button does nothing. Or maybe it does something. It makes one bird sad, the other mad, and the other happy. The birds bicker if the button can make them feel because that is something. Very funny and also a helpful way introduction readers to emotions.


Ninja wants to help out on the farm. But his kicks, swipes, and flips turn out disastrous with every chore which, of course, is hilarious. Just when he’s about to give up on helping the farmer, he finds his perfect job . . . A very fun rhyming story.


What's a Good Book for New Readers?
Baseball Buzz
(Sports Illustrated Kids 1) by CC Joven
In this simple story with one sentence per page, Jackson likes baseball. He plays in a game. All is going well until a bee comes along! Cute and fun. Glad to see some diversity in it.


This is a very basic story that may be good for kids who like gymnastics.


What's a Good Book for New Readers?
Gemma & Gus
(Green Light Readers 1) by Olivier Dunrea
Gemma and Gus are brother and sister who like exploring. The illustrations that go with the simple text are marvelous and my favorite part of this sweet story.


What's a Good Book for New Readers?
Me Tall, You Small
by Lilli L’Arronge
What a gem of a book! There are differences between parent and child (me tall, you small // me tired, you wired) and there are similarities, too (you bubble, me bubblier // me smart, you smarter). Perfect for reading with a parent!


Find more good books for new readers, in particular, 5- and 6- year-olds in kindergarten and first grade.


what is a good book choice for a new reader? Try one of these!

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