8 Fantastic Nonfiction Books About Animals (2019)

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I’m loving these NEW nonfiction books about animals!!! Okay, one of these books is about a mystical creature but the rest celebrate the actual animal world. If I had to pick a favorite, I couldn’t decide between the Doggie Defenders books and Sleep. See for yourself…

8 Impressive Nonfiction Books About Animals

Sleep: How Nature Gets Its Rest
by Kate Prendergast
What a lovely, nostalgic atmosphere created by these watercolor illustrations. They remind me of books from my childhood. The story shows a menagerie of animals sleeping in heat and cold, in the field and in the barn, and more. It’s a peaceful, perfect story to read at bedtime. I’m getting sleepy already… Back matter elaborates a bit more on each of the animals which include giraffes, sloths, bats, meerkats, rhinos, and several more.

Doggy Defenders:
I love the Doggy Defenders series by National Geographic Kids! You will, too. Photographs, large, easy-to-read text, and a story introduce readers to helper dogs. Each book includes a fun Q and A in the back that gives readers more information and tips from the dogs. (I’m adding these to Children’s Favorite Books About Dogs.)

Willow The Therapy Dog (Doggy Defenders)

Willow works as a therapy dog to help people feel better if they are sad — like patients in the hospital and students at a school and retired veterans. And the photos of Willow in her pajamas after a long day of work are absolutely adorable.

Tiger The Police Dog (Doggy Defenders)

Tiger is a Belgian Malinois police dog. Tiger works with a police officer to protect the city. Tiger sniffs for danger in different places like a school or a metro trash can.

Dolley The Fire Dog (Doggy Defenders)

Dolley works at the fire station. Her job is to sniff out what started a fire. Sometimes her captain helps her practice by hiding a scent. She also visits with children to help them learn about fire safety.

Stella the Search Dog (Doggy Defenders)

Meet Stella, a bloodhound who works with a human partner, a police trooper. She uses her strong nose to find people who are lost. Learn how Stella practices, rides in the police car and helicopter, and searches and finds a lost hiker. Way to go, Stella!

The Very Short, Entirely True History of Unicorns
by Sarah Laskow, illustrated by Sam Beck
If you’re a wish-there-were-unicorns kind of person like me, you’ll want to buy this book of myths and stories; you’ll be able to read and reread it for hours! From artwork, mythology, man-made unicorns, unicorn huntings, magical myths, and even 21st-century unicorns, this book is a recommended well-written and illustrated resource.
Added to: Magical Unicorn Books for Kids

Fearless Felines: 30 True Tales of Courageous Cats
by Kimterlie Hamilton
Cat lovers already know that cats are amazing–this book just proves it. From a diva theater cat to the piano playing cat to the cat with bionic legs. Each cat’s life is described in one page plus an illustration page. It’s also filled with pages of trivia and tidbits about felines and the 30 cats featured.

The Superpower Field Guide Moles
by Rachel Poliquin, illustrated by Nicholas John Frith
Good pacing, illustrations and diagrams, and a conversational tone make the information about Rosalie, a mole, accessible. This continues the series which started with Beavers, another fantastic nonfiction book that I couldn’t get enough of!

8 Impressive Nonfiction Books About Animals

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