More Recommended Easy Chapter Books for 7 Year Olds

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I’ve so happy to share with you this second list of recommended beginning and easy chapter books for young 6 and 7 year old readers.

The first book list for 7 year olds is here.

good chapter books for 7 year olds

More Recommended Books for 7-Year-Olds

Best Books for 7 Year Olds
Finley Flowers Original Recipe
 by Jessica Young REALISTIC
3rd grade Finley wants to win a cooking contest so she can give the prize (free pizza for a year) to her best friend, Henry, for his birthday. She insists she doesn’t need ideas or help which turns out to be a disaster as well as a valuable learning experience. Charming illustrations accompany this sweet story of friendship.

Best Books for 7-Year Olds
Oliver and the Seawigs by Philip Reeve, illustrated by Sarah McIntyre FANTASY
I thoroughly enjoyed this imaginative beginning chapter book. Oliver must rescue his explorer parents who are trapped on a moving island, one one of the Rambling Isles. He befriends a small Rambling Island whom he names Cliff as well as a mermaid named Iris who help him find his parents.

beginning chapter books
Like Carrot Juice on a Cupcake by Julie Sternberg, illustrated by Matthew Cordell REALISTIC
I really loved this story told in first person from Eleanor’s point of view. It’s about the challenges when Eleanor gets jealous of a new girl she thinks her best friend Pearl might like better than her. This made my top five list of best books for the year.

Sherlock Sam good books for second grade 7 year olds
Sherlock Sam and the Ghostly Moans in Fort Canning
Set in Singapore, Sherlock Sam and his friends use their brains to solve mysteries. In this case, they’re determined to discover the cause of the ghostly sounds from an abandoned military fort. Could it be a ghost? Their adventures are funny and exciting, this is a well-written chapter book in a new series. (See also: Sherlock Sam and the Missing Heirloom in Katong.)

Recommended Books for 7 Year Olds
The Greatest Star on Earth (Three-Ring Rascals) by Kate Klise, illustrated by M. Sarah Klise
When a newspaper reporter decides to write about the greatest star of the circus, all the performers worry so much that they end up sabotaging their own acts. Soon the circus is left with no performers and a stand-in ring master (who is helped along by the smart book-writing mice.) This is a fun and funny easy chapter book in a new series, Three Ring Rascals, that both my daughter and I enjoyed.

Recommended Books for 7 Year Olds
Greetings From Somewhere The Mystery of the Mosaic
by Harper Paris, illustrated by Marcos Calo MYSTERY
Second in a series, this is a simple story about two kids who accompany their parents to Venice, Italy and get the chance to solve two mysteries. I liked the bits of geography and history and suspect this will be an interesting beginning chapter book series. (Also on: Wholesome Easy Chapter Books for Boys)

Recommended Books for 7 Year Olds
Galaxy Zack Hello, Nebulon! 
An easy chapter book that’s simple, fun, and entertaining about a boy who moves to a new planet.

Sam Silver
Sam Silver Undercover Pirate
 by Jan Burchett & Sara Vogler
Sam’s adventures on the pirate ship of his ancestors are action-packed and entertaining.
More Recommended Easy Chapter Books for 7 Year Olds
Thud and Blunder: The Not-So-Helpless Princess
by Blake Hoena, illustrated by Pol Cunyat
This is a funny, defying stereotypes book about a strong girl warrior named Thud and her good fighting companion, Blunder. They’re latest quest is to save a princess but as you can guess from the title, this is one princess who does not need any help. In fact the ogres are terrified of HER.
More Recommended Easy Chapter Books for 7 Year Olds
Pedro First Grade Hero
by Fran Manushkin
Four short stories tell all about the adventures of Pedro, a bug-loving, soccer player with great friends from first grade. This is a fun, easy and light-hearted chapter books with colorful illustrations.
More Recommended Easy Chapter Books for 7 Year Olds
Dorothy and Toto: Little Dog Lost
by Debbi Michiko Fiorence
Toto runs after a squirrel and now Dorothy can’t find him! As she searches, her friends join to help and they find that Toto has made a new friend as well and he’s safe and happy at Glinda’s house. Fans of Oz will most likely enjoy this new easy chapter book series.
More Recommended Easy Chapter Books for 7 Year Olds
Piper Morgan Joins the Circus
by Stephanie Faris, illustrated by Lucy Fleming
This is a cute and interesting new series about a girl whose mom moves a lot for different jobs. In this story, they’re living with the circus. I loved the plot and how Piper eventually makes friends and learns a routine but felt sad when the ending came and the mom’s job was done so they had to move. But, that leaves quite the opportunity for more jobs and more books . . . Also read: Piper Morgan to the Rescue and Piper Morgan in Charge!.
More Recommended Easy Chapter Books for 7 Year Olds
The Emerald Berries (The Adventures of Sophie Mouse)
by Poppy Green, illustrated by Jennifer A. Bell
Sophie and her friend Hattie are off on a big adventure to find sparkling emerald berries. Even though they get lost and make a new friend, thanks to Hattie’s smart thinking, they return home safe and sound.
More Recommended Easy Chapter Books for 7 Year Olds
Museum Mysteries: The Case of the Counterfeit Painting
by Steve Brezenoff
Clementine notices something suspicious at the art museum where her mom works but she doesn’t have any proof that there’s been a crime. So she decides to find the proof. This is an engaging mystery with a strong female heroine.

Recommended Books for 7 Year Olds
The Unlikely Adventures of Mabel Jones
 by Will Mabbitt ADVENTURE
Caught picking her nose . . . and eating it . . . means Mabel Jones gets taken by animal pirates to another world of animals. This is a fun adventure filled with crazy characters, a dramatic narrator, and goofy illustrations.

Recommended Books for 7 Year Olds
Frankie Pickle
 by Eric Wight
Your kids will totally relate to this imaginative boy whose wild adventures are written in comic form — it’s funny and entertaining!

Recommended Books for 7 Year Olds
How to Train Your Dragon
 by Cressida Cowell
Fan favorites for years and with bonus movies, these are fun for book clubs and field trips. Read the books, then watch the movies.

Scarecrow's Nightmare Maze Batman & Robin Adventures easy beginning early chapter books
Scarecrow’s Nightmare Maze
Batman & Robin Adventures
by J.E. Bright, illustrated by Luciano Vecchio
This is not a graphic novel; it’s an illustrated beginning chapter book that is action-packed and slightly scary. Scarecrow has taken over the corn maze where a group of terrified teenagers are trapped. It’s up to Batman and Robin to stop Scarecrow and rescue the teens. If you’re a fan of DC Comics, or even if you’re not, you’ll find this to be a great superhero adventure story.

The D.A.T.A. Set- March of the Mini Beasts good books for 7 year olds second grade 2nd
The D.A.T.A. Set: March of the Mini Beasts
by Ada Hooper, illustrated by Sam Ricks
Three science-loving friends learn that their neighbor, Dr. Bunsen is a “mad” scientist. They’re thrilled to try out his newest invention — a growth ray. Which turns the kids’ plastic animals into real animals that are growing and growing and growing . . . What will the kids do? I always love to find new STEM-themed, easy-to-read beginning chapter book series like this. Can’t wait for more in the series.

13 Books That Are Perfect for 6-, 7-, 8- and 9- Year Olds
Mick’s Buried Treasure
by Michele Jakubowski (The Sleuths of Somerville) EASY CHAPTER BOOK
Well-paced and interesting, this is an easy chapter book that involves a group of friends, friendship issues, and a mysterious treasure hunt. I liked this story but wasn’t as excited about the next book in the series.
In this charming easy chapter book, Amy finds and secretly cares for a kitten. We learn that the kitten does belong to someone, an older person with a bossy bigger cat so the kitty didn’t get enough to eat or any attention and ran away. Luckily, all’s well that ends well, Amy gets to keep the kitty! This book is a good choice for animal lovers. (If you like this book, you may want to read more in the Pet Rescue Adventures series.)

Recommended Books for 7 Year Olds
The Gumazing Gum Girl!
by Rhode Montijo
When Gabby Gomez pops her enormous gum bubbles, the gum envelops her and gives her superpowers which she uses to help others. Fun and entertaining!

Recommended Books for 7 Year Olds

Dio-Mike and the T.Rex Attack by Franco ADVENTURE
Michael travels with his paleontologist dad. On this particular trip, Mike wanders off and meets a girl who is trying to trap a REAL dinosaur to send it back in time from where it came. I think kids will enjoy this first book in a new dinosaur adventure series. It’s a simple adventure book with kid-appeal.

Recommended Books for 7 Year Olds
Good Crooks Missing Monkey!
by Mary Amato, illustrated by Ward Jenkins REALISTIC
What a fun premise! These are children of thieves who really want to do good things, not bad things like their parents. So when their parents steal a monkey from the zoo, the kids must figure out how to return it without their parents figuring out that their children are up to some good.

Sophie Mouse Recommended Books for 7 Year Olds
The Adventures of Sophie Mouse A New Friend
 by Poppy Green, illustrated by Jennifer A. Bell REALISTIC
A new student arrives at Sophie’s school — a SNAKE named Owen! (Yikes!) All the mice students are scared. When Sophie tells her parents, they explain that they knew a really nice snake who moved away which makes Sophie think about giving Owen a chance. Owen rescues Sophie from a dangerous situation and they become good friends. This is an enjoyable story with a lovely message of not judging others based on outward appearances.

sparkle spa Recommended Books for 7 Year Olds
Sparkle Spa: Purple Nails and Puppy Tails
 by Jill Santopolo REALISTIC
Surprisingly, I thought this was a delightful new easy chapter book series. Sisters, Aly and Brooke, start their own nail business in the back room of their mother’s nail salon for their soccer friends. To help a local animal shelter, the girls decide to give free pedicures to help support the shelter’s efforts find homes for the animals. And yes, pet-icures are in the story, too!

Recommended Books for 7 Year Olds
Swamp Thing vs the Zombie Pets 
by John Sazaklis, illustrated by Art Baltazar
Batman needs help from Swamp Thing and his Down Home Critter Gang of animals with a fire at the Great Dismal Swamp. Everyone leaves except Ace, who stays to protect the Down Home Critter Gang’s swamp. But it’s not long before the Zombie Pets show up. You’ll like the colorful, playful font styles and the adventurous story!

Recommended Books for 7 Year Olds
Fancy Nancy: Nancy Clancy, Secret Admirer 
by Jane O’Connor, illustrated by Robin Preiss Glasser
Another enjoyable early chapter book in the Nancy Clancy series. In this book, Nancy and her best friend, Bree, decide to play matchmaker for Nancy’s babysitter, Annie, and her guitar teacher, Andy. Funny and fun!


Recommended Books for 7 Year Olds
Echo and the Bat Pack
 series of books by Roberto Pavanello
Great colorful illustrations throughout this adventure of this talking writer bat who is befriended by the three Silver kids, aka. his Bat Pack and together they solve a mystery.

Recommended Books for 7 Year Olds
The Adventures of a South Pole Pig
 by Chris Kurtz
Delightful, heart-warming story about a brave and adventurous pig who wants to be a sled dog. LOVE.

Mimi Maty Recommended Books for 7 Year Olds
Mimi and Maty to the Rescue! Roger the Rat is on the Loose
 by Brooke Smith
Animal lovers will approve of this young entrepreneur’s business of finding lost pets.

Extraordinary Ernie
Extraordinary Ernie & Marvelous Maud by Frances Watts, illustrated by Judy Watson
Poor Ernie Eggers. He’s always wanted to be a superhero and now he’s got a chance except, his sidekick is . . . a sheep. He makes the best of it and with Maud at his side, the superhero team selects their outfits and names. Ernie becomes Extraordinary Ernie and Maud becomes Marvelous Maud.

Digby O'Day Recommended Books for 7 Year Olds
Digby O’Day and the Great Diamond Robbery
 by Shirley Hughes and Clara Vulliamy MYSTERY
Charming illustrations in red and yellow colors help readers enjoy this story about Digby’s memorable vacation. He and Percy visit the fancy Hotel Splendide. While there, the singer Peaches Meow’s, diamonds are stolen! With the help of a new friend on the island, Percy and Digby catch the thieves.

DC Superpets
Fastest Pet on Earth – DC SuperPets
Did you know that the DC Superheros all have superpets, too? These early chapter books are fun, easy-to-read stories about the SuperPets’ adventures.

Best Books for 7 Year Olds
Welcome to Silver Street Farm
 by Nicola Davies, illustrated by Katharine McEwen
Several mixed-up events happen to give these three best friends enough animals to start a city farm — not a country farm mind you. The kids have the perfect spot – the abandoned train station. But will the city council abandon their plans for a parking garage?

Duck for a Day
 by Meg McKinlay, illustrated by Leila Rudge
Abby is so excited that her teacher has a class pet, a duck! She and all the other students eagerly hope they will be allowed to bring the pet duck home for an overnight. Mrs. Melvio insists on specific guidelines for the ducks care. When Abby gets to bring the duck home, he escapes. Getting him back means she’ll have accept neighbor, Noah’s, help. Everyone, even Mrs. Melvio, learns a lesson.

Sadie and Ratz
 by Sonya Hartnett illustrated by Ann James
I just love Hannah, who has the naughtiest hands, Sadie and Ratz. Her hands are quite fed up with little brother, Baby Boy, and seem to always get into trouble. Your 7 year olds will crack up!

Hooey Higgins and the Shark
 by Steve Voake illustrated by Emma Dodson
Hooey is a thinking kind of kid – he’s got plans to achieve his goals and is the kind of character I adore. To make money to buy a huge chocolate egg, Hooey decides the perfect plan is to (got to love his kid logic here) capture a shark and charge people to see it. Brilliant, right? Hooey will not be deterred in his goal to buy the egg – no matter what. A very funny, charming story.

Best Books for 7 Year Olds
Olympia the Games Fairy
 by Daisy Meadows
(also new are the Magic Animal Fairies)
I’ve said this before, and here it is again. Gack. These are totally predictable and mind-numbing but for some reason, my kids love them. So, we own hundreds. (I even ordered some from the UK just to keep my reluctant reader reading.) Best books for 7 year old girls. If your readers like Junie B. Jones, they’ll like this book also.

Best Books for 7 Year Olds
Tank & Fizz The Case of the Slime Stampede
 by Liam O’Donnel, illustrated by Mike Deas
I loved this book – and couldn’t put it down. Tank is a girl techie troll and Fizz is her best friend detective goblin. They know that their beloved school janitor would never have released those slimes that ate the playground but now he’s in jail and it’s up to them to figure out who did it — and why. Excellent!

Best Books for 7 Year Olds
Snoop Troop It Came from Beneath the Playground
 by Kirk Scroggs
Comic-book style illustrations with lots of interactivity in this interesting story totally impressed me. I know your kids will love this book, too. As a reader, you get to play a part in solving the crime by looking for clues in the pictures, drawing the culprit based on the description, and so on. Isn’t that cool?

Little Rhino
Little Rhino My New Team
 by Ryan Howard and Krystle Howard REALISTIC
You’ll find the themes about making friends and dealing with bullies to be both realistic and helpful. Little Rhino joins a little league baseball team only to discover that the boy who bullies him is on his same team. His wise grandfather and daily lunch at the dinosaur table help Rhino and his shy friend gain new social skills and the confidence to deal with the bully.

Little Vampire
Little Vampire by Joann Sfar
Not scary, very cute!

rescue princesses
Rescue Princesses
These princesses love animals and solving mysteries.
If your readers like Junie B. Jones, they’ll like this book also.

Monster Juice
Monster Juice
 by M.D. Payne
Here’s another series that’s entertaining and funny – perfect for anyone who likes anything gross and with monsters. I read Fear the Barfitron and thought it was great.
good books for second graders 7 year olds
Emma Is On the Air Party Drama! by Ida Siegal (series) REALISTIC
Emma and her friends are excited for the costume contest — but when Sophia’s costume disappears mysteriously, the group investigates clues and interviews witnesses to discover what happened. Her group of friends finds news and shares it in video news reports.

Waylon! Good Books for 7 Year Old Beginning Readers
Waylon! One Awesome Thing
by Sara Pennypacker
This is a charming and relatable story about science-fan Waylon and his life like struggles with friends (being left out!) and dealing with his newly sullen older sister.

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