Mad Libs: The Game

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Affiliate Links If you’re a family that loves games and word play, then you’ll want to check out Mad Libs: The Game. We think it’s a blast!

Mad Libs: The Game Mad Libs: The Game

Mad Libs: The Game

In Mad Libs: The Game, players are dealt word cards. Each word card has the word in as many part of speech variations as possible — verb, adverb, adjective, or noun. Below you’ll see the options for the word Astonish:

review of Mad Libs: The Game

To play the Mad Libs game, every player uses the word cards in his or her hand to complete the Sentence Card. Sentence Cards are famous or classic sayings such as the one below which is: Eat, _____, and be ______, for tomorrow we _______. 

Each player must vote by pointing a finger at the person who came up with their favorite (silliest) sentence.

Mad Libs: The Game review

Color coding helps kids figure out which part of speech will fit in the sentence card. (See how the verb blank is green and the adjective blank is blue?)

The winner with the most votes wins the Sentence Card. The first player to win three Sentence Cards wins the game. (Unless you’re like us and want to keep playing until forever.)

Mad Libs: The Game is tons of fun

So yes, it’s goofy and funny and great family time.

Mad Libs: The Game review

Even our dog loves it. 🙂

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Mad Libs: The Game -- one of our new favorite games for 2016

*Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man stinky, dreamy, and enormous.

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