Pretend Play Paleontologist

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Do you have any dinosaurs lying around?  One of our favorite games involves dinosaurs and digging.  We like to call it —  Paleontologist.  (Mostly because I think it’s such a cool word.  And, isn’t it amazing all the dinosaur names our kids already know?)

To play, simply bury the dinosaurs in the a sandbox or in the ground.  Then, your child can dig, shovel or scoop to find the prehistoric friend.  (Technically, it’s suppose to be bones, but I don’t often have bones lying around waiting to be buried.)

We use the bare patch in our lawn to dig – and yes, it’s hidious looking and someone could trip and sprain an ankle but . . . so far so good.  My four year old truely believes that if she digs long enough, she will find some bones.

(Recently, a 7 year old neighbor friend thought that was pretty awesome, too — I did admit that it was sort of pretend . . .

Dig away, friends!

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