Beginning Writers Write a Counting Book with Stickers

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Kids develop number sense by counting objects. They learn the sequence of numbers and to associate a numeral for the physical set of objects (2 = 2 things). We can help this along by reading counting books and writing our own counting books.

Read Counting Books

Use counting books to be a model. Pick your favorites to read. What do you notice? What do you like? (Most are organized by a theme.)

What kind of counting book would you like to write?


apple pg 1(1 onion)

Make or Buy a Blank Book

Do you have any paper?  Good, then you’re ready to make a blank book.  Fold your paper, then staple the side.  For extra pizazz, cut out  the edges to make it into a cool shape buy one at an educational supply store like I did.

Decorate the cover.  Give your book a title.

apple pg 2
(2 apples)

Add Numbers and Illustrations 

For preschoolers, you may want to write the numbers from 1 to 10, one number per page, on each page. They can trace over the number with a crayon or marker. Older children can write their own number and the number word both. (1 one)

Either illustrate your sets of objects or use stickers. We used food stickers.

Select the same kind of stickers to represent the total number.  We used food themed stickers & cut-outs.  If you select bananas, use all bananas – so later you can write the word banana.  (*Why didn’t I have my kids draw pictures?  Because, I worried they might lose interest– but drawing works, too.)

apple pg 4(4 bananas)


Write the number word that matches your stickers.

Using invented spelling, write the food word.

Help your child match the sounds with the letters to figure out (invent) the spelling: “Bananas. What is the sound you hear at the beginning?  Buh – nanas.”  Help beginning writers hear the first letter sound and then, when they get that,  the last letter sound.  Writing “B” is a great start for the word banana!  Say, “Good job. That is kid spelling for bananas.” Of course, this depends on the age and what they can do. If they can spell bananas, awesome.


Share your counting story with friends and family. Make this a bedtime story selection so you can read it again and again.

See other sticker story ideas.


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  1. Hi Melissa,
    Thanks for this great (and simple) idea! River had a friend over one morning and we made Counting books for both of them. They were really into it and it was fun to see them concentrating so well to write their numbers. The stickers of course were lots of fun too! Thankfully, they chose really easy shapes for their book designs (a triangle and a diamond!).