3 Creative Back to School Ideas with Infinity Pens

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If you’re a Sharpie fan like I was, you’ll be ga-ga for The Write Dude’s Infinity Pens which you can purchase at Target, Staples or online.

My kids and I couldn’t believe how much better these pens were than our Sharpies– the broad tips are almost paint-like in application. (with no drips!) The rainbow of color choices gave us plenty of artistic options. And, we love the triangle barrel design – so easy to grip.

We invented three back-to -school projects to do with our new Infinity Pens — but you will be able to use these for almost any creative project especially now that you’ll be in school again! (And, we like them for coloring pages, too!)

1. Favorite Quote Teacher Gift

As you know from my Facebook page, I’ve been going through a children’s book quote phase.

We took a favorite quote about reading and made it into a beautiful gift for the girls’ teachers.

First, we watercolored a canvas.

Then we traced in the quote in three-dimensional letters first with pencil using guide lines and then with the Infinity Pens.

To make a letter 3D, shade in the left sides and the bottom of the letter.

For lettering ideas and designs, I recommend these two books:

Next fill in the letters with designs, patterns, and colors using the Infinity Pens.

And now you’ve created a gorgeous, hand-made teacher gift!

2. Get Organized, School Binder Cover

I have serious organization issues. So I’ve decided to take the advice of my very organized friend, Lori, and get my act together with an everything-kid-related 3-ring binder.

She puts all the school notes, after school schedules, lunch ideas, EVERYTHING in her school binder.

All she does is three-hole punch the paper and put it in general or in the appropriate kid section.


To make it snazzy and fun, we used Infinity Pens to decorate the cover.

I’m so excited to be organized this year.

3. Back to School Room Art

AJ started working on this project and I just had to include it. It’s such a colorful room decoration, don’t you think?

She used a thin canvas or gesso board — but a plain piece of card stock will do.

Cover with Washi tape as you would draw lines for a Zentangle. Criss-cross the rectangle.

Just like in a Zentangle, fill in the spaces with patterns, colors, and designs.

So fun, right? I really want you to try Infinity Pens and see the difference for yourself. You’ll love them!

Get more project ideas on The Board Dude’s Pinterest page.

Tell me what you would make with Infinity Pens!

Zentangles for Kids

I received compensation for this review/article, but all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Please see my disclosure policy here. Also, the two book titles are affiliate links.


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  1. This looks like a great set of pens–we need a pack to take for character signing in Disney World! Let’s see if I can get in and out of Target with just these…

  2. These are great ideas Melissa – thank you for sharing them – I have shared it to Pinterest. Unfortunately ‘The Write Dude’s Infinity Pens’ are not available on Amazon.co.uk – but we have lots of other pens we can use having just sorted out the multitude of pencil cases the girls have ready for ‘back to school’!