Get Your Kids Thinking with Riddles

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UKloo Riddle Treasure Hunt game gets kids reading, thinking, and problem solving. And it’s totally fun!

Don’t you want to make reading and thinking fun for your kids? Especially over the long summer vacation?

I know. Me, too.

Which is why I’m telling you about uKloo Riddle Edition as part of my Summer Discovery Learning Series. All summer I’ll be giving you ideas to make learning fun!

You might remember the Sight Word Treasure Hunt that I raved about here.

Riddle Game for Kids

The uKloo Riddle Edition Treasure Hunt game is the next step for older readers. And it’s a great game to play with a sibling or friend — then you can brainstorm the answer together.

riddle games for kids

How to Play:

1. Pick from 1-3 difficulty levels.

2. Pick 6-10 cards to hide. (I like to pick and choose.)

3. We look at the answers (given in the box) to hide the cards  –or it’s easy to get confused and mess up what to hide the cards and in what order. Save out the first card and hide the second card in the answer location of the first clue.

4. Once they’re all hidden, put a small prize for the ending clue. We like to do really weird things like stuff from the recycling box, random dirty laundry, you get the gist. If you don’t want to be weird like us, try stickers or fill out the blank surprise notes with an activity surprise idea — park, zoo, ice cream store.

5. Give the kids the first card!

uKloo Riddle Treasure Hunt Game

It’s totally fun to watch your kids race around the house!

uKloo Riddle Edition

Don’t you think this is a great game for summer discovery?

I love how much thinking it involves, for me and the kids!


riddle games for kids


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  1. What a great idea! Thanks for pointing this out. Struggling readers are so much happier biting off a small chunk of text.