Pretend Play Marching Band

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Kids – Learn About Marching Bands

Before you start making music, get inspired with this short video of a stellar marching band.

Marching bands marchBandleaders direct the band. Bands keep the beat. Often, flags and baton twirlers add excitement and pizazz. Introduce these band roles to your children to prepare them for their own marching band.

Gather Your Instruments & Outfits

Everything you need is located in your kitchen cupboards.  Pan lids, wooden spoons, measuring cups, a grater, and bowls are just some of the wonderful noise makers, err, musical instruments that engulf your home with sound.  (Of course, if you have musical instruments, by all means grab those, too!)

Find an appropriate outfit for your band.  Practice marching with high knees.  Pick someone to be the bandleader, someone to drum, symbols, and twirl the baton.

Play Marching Band

The  bandleader or the drum majorette (baton twirler) leads the band.  She or he stops and starts the music.  You may need to remember this!j0387382

Extra fun

      • Make maracas by filling plastic containers with beans or rice.
      • Add lively music.  Drum to the beat.
      • Sing “The Ants Go Marching One by One” and replace ants with your last name.
      • Learn how to march with a baton and lead a marching band in this free baton twirling video lesson.


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