How to Have Fun With Geography: Play Scrambled States Game

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Want to get your kids excited about geography? Play The Scrambled States of America from Gamewright. It’s puzzling, challenging, and fun.

Scrambled States Game

scrambled states game

Two or more players take turns drawing and reading a scramble card like this one.

scrambled states game

Players look at their 5 state cards to see if they can match the scramble card’s requirements. Whoever finds a match first, gets to keep that state card. When the cards are out, the player with the most state cards wins.

scrambled states game

You even get your own map which you’ll need for some scramble challenges.

scrambled states game

The Scrambled States of America says it’s for ages 8 – 12 but I think 6 and up if your child is reading or has help.

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  1. Love this game and we also love Ticket to Ride (we have the US version). Thank you for your resources!

  2. What a cool game! My oldest child is only 4, but I’m making a mental list of games like this for her and her sister. I know I would have loved it, and it brings back memories of memorizing the states and capitols with my mom.