Learn the Alphabet with Animal Alphabet Friends Books

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Is your child ready to learn the alphabet and letter sounds? You’ll love the new Alphabet Animal Friends book series from Newmark Learning.

Alphabet Animal Friends help your child master letters and letter sounds with photographs of real objects and animals, playful rhymes, and cute characters. I’m already a fan, and think you will be, too. (Scroll for sweepstakes.)

Each alphabet animal book (one for each letter) will build your child’s beginning reading skills by focusing on:

  • Phonemic awareness
  • Letter recognition and formation
  • Sound/symbol relationships
  • Oral language vocabulary

Plus, the 8-page books have tear-off embossed letter cards for tracing and a teaching card.

The curriculum for reading each book includes ways for you to teach your child the letter sounds with the books. For example, to teach phoneme isolation, you say a word that begins with the letter and have the child repeat it. Or for introducing the letter, you hold up the letter card and say “Today we will read a book about the letter ____. This is the capital letter ______” and model tracing the letter with your finger, having the child do the same on their letter card, book cover, and in the air. The curriculum guide suggests activities for after reading like practicing writing the letters or doing art projects with the letters.

Of course, these books meet the Common Core Standards for kindergarten.

Finally, the parent / teacher handbook shares more information and 30 alphabet activities to do at home.

Aren’t these fantastic?

Maybe this would be a great teaching tool for your summer learning.

Sweepstakes of Animal Alphabet Friends Book s

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  1. What a great product! Very pleased to see the parent/teacher component.