Halloween Learning Fun – Books, Storytelling, Math, and Science

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This Halloween, tell a silly story to your kids and let them draw what they hear. This fun story emphasizes listening, remembering, and following directions.

(I don’t know the source of the original story, my version is in Spanish and handwritten.)

Here’s the story of Witchy Witch. (FREE printable here.)

Witchy Witch listening and drawing story

Witchy Witch

Once upon a time, there was a witch who was very tiny.

Except her nose, which was HUGE.

She had two crooked teeth, smooth, red, long hair that was so long, she would step on it and fall down.

She always wore a hat, a bit crushed, tall, black and pointy like all witches.

She also wore orange gloves, a black hand-knit shawl, a checkered apron, red and white striped tights and black, funny looking shoes with gold buckles.

She carried a broom and a black cat named Federico.

You could see that truly she was a horrible witch that scared even other witches.

But when she tried to do things, they never came out witchy.

Like when she wanted to laugh in an evil way to scare people it didn’t come out, “Mahahahaha” but “teeheehee.”

Or when she wanted to go to a neighbor’s house, she’d get on her broom and say all sorts of magical words, wait a few minutes, but nothing ever happened.

Then, she’d get off her broom and say more magic words very loudly and wait l-o-n-g-e-r . . . Nothing!

The broom wouldn’t move even an inch.

When she wanted to change Federico into a lizard, or hippopotamus, or candy, she’d bend down to the floor, look into Federico’s eyes and say all the magical words she knew.

Then, she’d wait and wait. But, Federico stayed a cat.

When she wanted to make a magic potion, she’d put in all sorts of things like:

Rotten milk





Cough drops

Peanut butter

Moldy bread



And said all the magic words she could think of.

And mixed some more.

No explosion! All that happened was it made Federico get a stomach ache.

Finally, she decided that nothing was working. She put her broom in the corner, she took off her black funny looking shoes, she took off her checkered apron, she took off her hand-knit shawl, she took offer her crushed tall black pointy hat, she took off her orange gloves, she took off her long red hair, she took off her mask, and went to sleep.

And so did her cat Federico.


What your children will draw and color while you read this story?

fun listening and drawing activity for kids at home or in the classroom

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  2. What an amazing idea, Melissa! I’m def going to try this with my daughter for different occasions or in general.

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  4. This is an awesome idea! I have to feature it tomorrow. I would love to do this with lots of holidays and other stories. Great for listening and for adding detail to pictures as well. Thanks for sharing on Monday Madness.

  5. I love the idea of listening to the story and drawing what you imagine. I’ve got to see what my girls come up with.

    Thanks for sharing on Monday Madness!

  6. WOW!! I’m definitely including this in my last minute fun things to do. I love the leaf maze! I’m already planning out our backyard leaf maze. I wonder which kiddo will drag HIS feet through and mess it all up first. LOL.

  7. I love the way it really gets their imaginations involved, as well as their hands and eyes and ears. Great!

  8. Wow! What great ideas! I’m sharing your post in a few places online today! I’m sure this post will give a few kids and parents an extra special Halloween this year. I’m planning a few activities already. We’re for sure doing the leaf maze and drawing the witch!

  9. Thank you for the fun ideas!!!

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