7 New Graphic Novels, October 2022

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Want your next favorite book? You are going to love this list of new graphic novels for ages 7 to 12!

Two-Headed Chicken
by Tom Angleberger
FUNNY (ages 7 – 10)
Hilarious!! If you like wacky, bizarre humor then this is your next favorite read. This is a story about the multiverse in which you are a two-headed chicken being chased by a moose…and it’s laugh-out-loud funny. If you’ve ever listened in to a little kid pretend playing something and making up weird scenarios–that is this book in a nutshell. You’ll follow the two-headed chicken through the multiverse, take funny quizzes, and meet a fish with deep feelings as well as a lawyer!

Cat Kid Comic Club on Purpose
by Dav Pilkey
FUNNY (ages 7 – 10)
These books just get better and better! In this third novel, the tadpoles are trying to get published — and feel dejected when they get rejected. But they keep trying and writing and collaborating, and their subsequent stories are creative and entertaining. If you haven’t read this series, I highly recommend it.

Crabgrass Comic Adventures
by Tauhid Bondia
FUNNY (ages 8 – 12)
You will LOVE the friendship adventures of Kevin and Miles. These stories are fun, hilarious, relatable, and entertaining.

Swim Team
by Johnnie Christmas
REALISTIC (ages 9 – 12)
Bree and her dad move to Florida where she has to take Swim 101 at school. But, she ditches because she can’t swim and is afraid. luckily, her neighbor and babysitter is a former swim team captain, and she teaches Bree how to swim. When Bree accidentally makes the swim team, she learns about teamwork and friendship. This is a wonderful feel-good story about failure, perseverance, and teamwork.

by Christina Diaz Gonzalez, illustrated by Gabriela Epstein
REALISTIC (ages 9 – 12)
Spanish-speaking kids are thrown together to complete before-school community service hours. When the kids notice the homeless mom and her child living in a van, they try to help with leftover food. But they get into trouble with the mean cafeteria lady who thinks they’re stealing and watches them like they’re delinquents. This is a story about kindness, racism, differences, and marginalized individuals — both non-English speakers and homeless individuals. It’s excellent, and I love the Spanish dialogue written first with English-translated text second.

My Aunt is a Monster
by Reimena Yee
After Safia’s parents die in a fire, she goes to live with her aunt who was the world’s greatest adventurer. Because Safia is blind, she doesn’t realize that her aunt looks monstrous with three eyes, horns, and fur. Safia is happy with her aunt but longs to explore, and when her aunt must travel again on an urgent trip, she begs to join. On the journey, Safia befriends an agent of chaos, stands up for what she believes, then saves an entire community from danger. Skillfully written with scrumptious artwork — this is an exciting and unique adventure with representation!

Cupcake Diaries (Graphic Novel)
by Coco Simon, illustrated by Glass House Graphics
REALISTIC (ages 8 – 10)
In this sweet story of middle school friendship, Katie is shocked when her best friend Callie ignores her and joins the “Popular Girls Club.” Katie makes new friends (which isn’t totally realistic, is it?), and she brings them cupcakes at lunch. The girls decide to make their own “Cupcake Club” and sell cupcakes for a fundraiser.

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7 new graphic novels October 2022

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