Exciting Adventure Chapter Books for Kids

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If your kids like exciting and action-packed adventure chapter books, then these new releases might be perfect for their next reading binge.

Adventure Chapter Books for Kids

Press Start! Game Over, Super Rabbit Boy! Adventure Chapter Books for Kids
Press Start! Game Over, Super Rabbit Boy! by Thomas Flintham ADVENTURE (ages 5 – 7)
Attention gamers! You’re going to love this adventure about a boy who is playing a game where evil King Viking and his robot army are trying to ruin everyone’s fun. In the game, Super Rabbit Boy must level up to save the town but of course, it takes the boy’s skill or not do so. The boy keeps getting killed. Now he only has one life left! Colorful cartoons show the pixelated game with simple text good for new readers. Boys and girls are going to love this video game adventure.
Lost in the Pacific, 1942- Not a Drop to Drink Adventure Chapter Books for Kids
Lost in the Pacific, 1942: Not a Drop to Drink
 by Tod Olson ADVENTURE / TRUE STORY (ages 8 – 12)
Lost is a riveting retelling of a soldiers’ plane crash then weeks of thirst and starvation in the perilous south seas on precarious life boats. The fast-paced writing moves the story along with purpose and the photographic evidence is fascinating. Readers will be hard pressed to put this intense true story down.
(Next in the series: Lost in Outer Space: The Incredible Journey of Apollo 13.)
Survivor Diaries Overboard Adventure Chapter Books for Kids
Survivor Diaries Overboard!
by Terry Lynn Johnson ADVENTURE (pub: 7/2017) (ages 8 – 12)
While on a whale watching trip, their boat capsizes. Travis and another girl are adrift in the icy, stormy waters off the coast of Washington state. Kids will devour this fast-paced, short (112 pages) adventure. It’s entertaining and will teach kids some basic survival skills, both in the story itself and afterwards in the notes. I look forward to more in the series.

Scar Island Adventure Chapter Books for Kids
Scar Island
by Dan Gemeinhart ADVENTURE (ages 8 – 12)
Sent to an isolated boy’s prison, Jonathan has little time to adjust before all the prison’s adults are killed in a freak lightning accident. Soon a Lord of the Flies scenario develops, Jonathan’s friend is banished from the group, and a mysterious old librarian gives Jonathan books to read that strangely seem perfect for his situation. When a dangerous storm threatens the entire island, Jonathan must decide if he will abandon his guilt and step up to help the other boys. Moral dilemmas, suspense and action, plus good writing make this an engrossing adventure.

Horizon Adventure Chapter Books for Kids
by Scott Westerfeld ADVENTURE / SCI-FI (ages 8 – 12)
First of seven in the series written by different authors, Scott Westerfeld of Uglies fame, kicks us off with this first book about a plane crash over the Arctic Circle with only 8 kid survivors. The wrecked plane lands in a sinister jungle filled with attacking vines, shredder birds, and two moons in the sky. What happened to the Artic? When the kids find an anti-gravity tool, they use it to help them fly so they can locate water and eventually, hunt for answers to where they are. They suspect someone engineered this dangerous world and more importantly, the kids need those people’s help –Molly is getting sicker from the glowing green bird bite on her shoulder and they don’t want another death.* Action-packed with unique characters, you’ll be hooked on this sci-fi adventure series and waiting anxiously for book 2.
*The adults on the plane are presumed dead and one of the kids dies during the story.
PLAY the Horizon video game on the Scholastic site.
Read an excerpt here.

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