Geology for Kids

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Affiliate Links Melissa Weisner’s son wanted a geology birthday party. So, like the smart entrepreneurial mom she is, she invented Rock On! A Geology Game & Rock Collection. And we’re glad she did — it’s a fun, easy way to teach geology for kids! My kids LOVE it — we play it often all together as a family. So, not only is it a learning game, it’s a great family game!

Rock On! geology game and kit

Geology for Kids

Now updated with five levels of play for the pre-reader through sixth grader, the geology kit Rock On! gives kids their own 15 specimen rock collection, 50 polished rocks, Rock On! bingo cards, Rock On! call cards with geology facts, and a snazzy green carrying case.

Rock On! geology game and kit

Check out the 50 polished rocks in the kit — can you just imagine how your kids would react to these? Mine pick these rocks very carefully. They examine and negotiate to be sure they get just the perfect rocks to play on their Rock On! bingo cards. This is important for budding rock collectors, right?

Rock On! geology game and kit

Each of the cards have GREAT questions. (My kids have read through all of them so they now know all the answers.) We’re not only using these cards during game play, but at dinner, and just for fun randomly.

I have favorite rocks. And so do my kids.

Rock On! geology game and kit

Want to add to your kids’ geology learning?

I love watching The Geology Kitchen‘s videos. Like this one on the three types of rocks:

Steve Spangler Science has a good Pinterest board on geology and offers plenty of geology ideas, too.

I’m thinking this Geology app by Discover Kids would be a fantastic resource, too. Don’t you?
Geology Kids Discover

See if your kids think this cartoon by 9gag is funny:
three types of rock

Enjoy your quest for geological knowledge! Rocks are pretty amazing, aren’t they?

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  1. This is so incredibly cool! I think I need to get it–my kids would absolutely love it!

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