Fantastic Nonfiction Books For Kids

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It’s very important for kids to read non-fiction as well as fiction books. Why? Because most reading and writing in our life is non-fiction – information in school, communication in work, and almost everything on the Internet.

Read more about non-fiction comprehension strategies including word-attack skills and text-structure knowledge.

Non-Fiction Books For Kids

Non-fiction for children keeps getting better in breadth and depth. Now, there is an abundance of excellent non-fiction for every level of reader with appropriate vocabulary, good text to picture ratio, and in a variety of topics. Here are my recent favorites and an awesome giveaway from National Geographic Kids.

National Geographic

Non-Fiction Books For Kids

Great Migrations by Elizabeth Carney
Beautiful photographs of Mali elephants, red crabs, butterflies, jellyfish, zebras, army ants, wildebeests, and sperm whales accompany maps, facts and interesting trivia about the migration and life of each group of animals. Plus, as always, you get the gorgeous photography of National Geographic. Amazing.

Non-Fiction Books For Kids

Readers Series: Levels 1 – 5 

These National Geographic reader series are fantastic books and great for younger kids. I LOVE everything about them!

Non-Fiction Books For Kids

Weird But True 3
AJ has the first two Weird But True! non-fiction books and loves them. She told me, “If you get me the third book, I’ll know 900 facts. Because each book has three hundred and I have the first two.” Smart girl. These are super wacky and make great dinner table conversation!

Non-Fiction Books For Kids

Almanac 2012
It’s amazing how much National Geographic packs into this 350 page Almanac! Kids get information (non-fiction!) about the world, animals, going green, cultures, science, nature, history, and geography plus a great section of games, jokes, puzzles and mazes. Smart phone users can use the quick response codes for each chapter to get bonus materials like videos, games and facts. If you’re like me and your phone isn’t very smart, don’t worry, there’s a website for us. I’m starting to play a fireworks puzzle right now.

DK Publishing

If you’re like my students, my kids, and me, then you already love DK’s non-fiction books. They never let you down for quality and fascinating facts. Now, the books are even cooler – they’ve published 3-D Dinosaur and 3-D Human Body! Open the book up to your webcam, hold the book up to your webcam, and watch the images pop out of the page. Experience how reader download the 3D pop with the book trailer.

Non-Fiction Books For Kids

3-D Dinosaur
written by John Woodward, consultant Dr. Darren Naish

Non-Fiction Books For Kids

3-D Human Body
written by Richard Walker

What I really love about this non-fiction book is that I can use these books myself to find out information – the facts aren’t dumbed down for the young reader, only the vocabulary and the amount of text on the page. (Frankly, it works better for me, too.) You’ll find a mixture of diagrams and photographs.

Non-Fiction Books For Kids

Eyewitness Books – Medieval Life
written by Andrew Langley, photographed by Geoff Brightling & Geoff Dann

Non-Fiction Books For Kids

Eyewitness Books – Flight

Eyewitness non-fiction books for kids are packed with great information, pictures, diagrams and more – I recommend all their titles. We have several at our house and AJ and I both enjoy the information.

Giveaway – National Geographic Kids Almanac 2012

Enter to win a copy of National Geographic Kids Almanac 2012. Imagination Soup’s official rules found here apply. Winner will be chosen at random. To enter, leave a comment below by June 13, 2011.

*For an extra entry, follow National Geographic Kids Books on Twitter and leave a comment that you’re a follower and your twitter name.

Good luck!

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  1. The variety and depth of nonfiction for children continues to improve. There is now a plethora of outstanding nonfiction books available for all levels of readers, with suitable vocabulary, a good text-to-picture ratio, and a wide range of topics. Thank you!