Check Out the Latest in Nonfiction Books, Fall 2017

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Do you remember to read nonfiction to your kids? Or to encourage your kids to read nonfiction? Because I often forget!

Nonfiction is not my kids first choice of genres. So I need to be intentional about including this expository text with my kids — for both shared and independent reading.

Here are some great, new nonfiction picture books to choose from . . .

Check Out the Latest in Nonfiction Books, Fall 2017

Check Out the Latest in Nonfiction Books, Fall 2017
My Mozart Music Book
by Natacha Godeau, illustrated by Anne-Kathrin Behl
ages 4 – 8
Read this oversized board to introduce children to Mozart and his music. Each page has a beautiful illustration, a few sentences about Mozart, and a button to press to hear his music. One thing I really like about the music is it’s not too loud. Plus, I love the illustrations!

Dynamic Nonfiction Picture Books, Fall 2017
I Know Numbers
by Taro Gomi
ages 2 – 6
One sentence per page makes this a prime choice for young learners to start exploring numeracy. This picture book shows numbers in the world — on calendars, TV channels, buses, buildings, games, and more — in diverse, stylized illustrations. See also: Counting Picture Books for Kids.

Check Out the Latest in Nonfiction Books, Fall 2017
Night and Day: A Big Book of Opposites
by Julie Safirstein
age 2 – 5
The oversized pages, pop-ups, lift-the-flaps, and cut outs of bold, graphic illustrations will catch young readers attention.

Dynamic Nonfiction Picture Books, Fall 2017
Counting with Tiny Cat
by Viviane Schwarz
ages 2 – 5
This adorable cat counts her red balls. Expressive illustrations capture the cat’s funny personality. SO CUTE!! See also: Counting Picture Books for Kids.

Check Out the Latest in Nonfiction Books, Fall 2017
Who Am I? An Animal Guessing Game
by Steve Jenkins & Robin Page
ages 4 – 8
Perfect for the preschoolers! Kids will love reading the clues and guessing the animal. “I have . . . a pink and black beak, bright, colorful feathers, two skinny legs, a single white egg, a long curvy neck, and a nest made of mud. Who am I?” asks the two-page spread with each clue shown as an illustration. Guess. Turn the page to find out if you guessed correctly. “I’m a flamingo!”

Family Poems for Every Day of the Week / Poemas Familiares para cada dia de la semana
by Francisco X. Alcaron, illustrated by Maya Christina Gonzalez
ages 6 – 9
Poems celebrate the days of the week as well as a latino cultural experience based on the author’s own life. Sunday is the day for family. Monday is named for the moon. Wednesday celebrates Mercury and is for the farmer’s market. Vibrant folkloric illustrations catch your eye as the poems travel through the week.

Check Out the Latest in Nonfiction Books, Fall 2017
A Hundred Billion Trillion Stars
by Seth Fishman, illustrated by Isabel Greenberg
ages 6 – 12
This picture books make BIG numbers playful and fun. (And lucky for me, there are cheats down at the bottom because I need a bit of help reading 370,000,000,000,000,000,000 at a glance.) By the way, that’s how many gallons of water cover the earth. “Take a deep breath and hold it for five seconds. Just do that for another 6,307,200 times, and you’ll be a year older.

Check Out the Latest in Nonfiction Books, Fall 2017
Breathe and Be: A Book of Mindfulness Poems
by Kate Coombs, illustrated by Anna Emilia Laitinen ages 6 – 12
A picture book to help us be mindful of the present moments! These little poems are great to read one at a time and discuss the meaning with your kids. I’ve taken photos of the pages to send to friends who need a little encouragement.

Check Out the Latest in Nonfiction Books, Fall 2017
Semicolons, Cupcakes, and Cucumbers
by Steve Newberry
ages 8 – 12
Don’t miss this totally hilarious picture book about… GRAMMAR? Yes, and it’s awesome! Teachers and homeschoolers, you’ll want this in your repertoire of picture books. These four punctuation mark friends want to play together but what should they do? They all have different ideas which will crack you up. Which punctuation mark is your favorite? My favorite is the butterfly-loving, slightly confused Question Mark!

Check Out the Latest in Nonfiction Books, Fall 2017
How to Survive as a Firefly
by Kristen Foote, illustrated by Erica Salcedo
ages 5 – 10
My kids love this book! Hear from a firefly everything you need to know to go from larvae to adulthood. The conversational tone engages readers into learning without it being boring. “Did you enjoy your month as an egg, relaxing in the dirt? Good! Because you have LOTS of work to do if you want to make it to the pupa stage, let a lone become an adult Photinus pyralis firefly! Yes?” Fun facts sprinkle throughout this very informative book. You’re going to love the super cute cartoon-like illustrations with text in conversation bubbles. Also read: How to Survive as a Shark.

Check Out the Latest in Nonfiction Books, Fall 2017
The Doctor With an Eye for Eyes: The Story of Dr. Patricia Bath
by Julia Finley Mosca, illustrated by Daniel Rieley
ages 8 – 12
Oh, my goodness I love the illustrations in this picture book so so so much! And the story, in rhyme, it’s inspiring. Read how Patricia, despite the being a girl and African American, stood firm in her goal to become a doctor. She did and later invented the laser probe to heal eyes.

Check Out the Latest in Nonfiction Books, Fall 2017
What’s Cooking?
by Joshua David Stein, illustrated by Julia Rothman
ages 6 – 12
What a kooky, fun book! “If I toss a salad, can I throw a salad?” asks one page. Or “If turkeys are stuffed with stuffing, what else can I stuff?” (The following page answers: “You can stuff peppers with rice and cabbage with meat and even meat with meat. That’s called a ballotine.“)

Check Out the Latest in Nonfiction Books, Fall 2017
Just Like Us! ANTS
by Bridget Heos, illustrated by David Clark
ages 6 – 12
A mix of cartoons and illustrations, this is a visual feast for the eyes! Then read the text all about ants. So cool and so much information! Also read: Just Like Us! BIRDS.

Check Out the Latest in Nonfiction Books, Fall 2017 
Baking Class: 50 Fun Recipes Kids Will Love to Bake
by Deanna F. Cook
ages 8 – 12
Cookbooks count as nonfiction reading! Baking Class is beautifully laid out with clear step-by-step directions kids can easily follow. As the title implies, the book is filled with baked goods — crackers, breads, cookies, cakes, and pies. I’m looking forward to helping my kids adapts these recipes for their allergies.

Check Out the Latest in Nonfiction Books, Fall 2017
Massively Epic Engineering Disasters: 33 Thrilling Experiments Based on History’s Greatest Blunders
by Sean Connolly
ages 8 – 12
Learn about engineering disasters like the Roman Colosseum’s collapse or the unsinkable Titanic then do experiments that fix those engineering issues using everyday household items. Illustrations accompany step by step directions for each activity. You’ll learn a lot from this engineering focused STEM book.


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